25 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway

To commemorate the 25 Days of Christmas in the month of December, DaveUrsillo.com is hosting a simple giveaway of a variety of new and gently read books to website visitors and commenters.

DaveUrsillo.com will designate 25 new and pre-existing written pieces from December 1 through December 25. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a thoughtful comment on designated participating posts!

A random commenter will be selected from each post!

To win, comment on any or all of the following participating posts:

One of 25 free books will be randomly assigned to each post. When commenting, be sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you and mail you your book ASAP! Feel free to comment on all 25 posts to increase your chances of winning, but only one comment per post is necessary (many comments on one post will not increase your odds of winning).

Follow my Twitter updates for immediate notification of what posts are participating in the contest, and join my DaveUrsillo.com Facebook Page to keep track of updates and giveaways as well.

One winner will be chosen randomly for every post, provided that there are at least five comments made on the post and limiting one free book per winner. I will contact winners by email and ship free books as soon as possible, factoring in shipping delays over weekends, holidays, personal delays, etc.

The time and date the winner will be selected will depend on when the post goes up on DaveUrsillo.com and when enough comments are made for a random selection to occur!

So get reading, get commenting, and win a free book!

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