God Whispers on the Wind by Dave Ursillo

Your spirituality deserves to be raw, real, and wildly unrefined.

Not locked in a box. Never confined within strict rules. Not restricted to what any religious book says or one ideology dictates.

Because your soul is grander than definition.

Your existence is a surging heartbeat that transcends time and space — you are love itself, and love is what binds us to one another.

Your spirituality deserves to be treated as an authentic expression of you.

God Whispers on the Wind:
Spiritual Poems of Light, Laughter and Love 

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God Whispers on the Wind is 81 poems meant to connect you with Spirit beyond religiosity.

Enjoy these poems as morsels of reminders that we are all connected to whatever Source has brought us here, and to one another.

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Your spirituality deserves to represent all that you’ve experienced, and everything that you hope, dream and desire.

So long as what you believe reminds you that you are forever connected to fellow souls who are journeying onward in this life to the best of their abilities, we deserve to allow our beliefs to become honest reflections of all of our perfectly imperfect humanity.

Because we belong to one another.

God Whispers on the Wind is a nurturing collection of 81 joyful poems that guide you to feel more light, laughter and love throughout your everyday life by reminding you that those beautiful threads are woven throughout our world and all of its people.

When we recall the light, laughter and love that always surround us, we tap into the beauties of life–even through moments of struggle.

Praise for God Whispers

laurav“I bought your book God Whispers on the Wind. It’s been at my bedside for approximately… 50 days. My favorite poem is A Beautiful Mess. I’m tapping into the collection one morsel at a time, allowing the words to fall like feathers.”Laura Vivian, New York City

inna“I started reading your poems last Friday night… They are SO wonderful, touching and honest. I kept having to re-read because the words you used were firing up all kinds of images in my crazy brain. So so beautiful. I’m nowhere near done, but am really looking forward to getting to the rest of the goodness. I’m really amazed by your talents.”Inna, New York City

shama“Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. The poems are spectacular. I am a huge fan of Rumi too, and these poems are definitely up there!”Shama Kabani, CEO at The Marketing Zen Group

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