Coaching with Dave Ursillo

Since 2012, I’ve supported more than 300 creatives, writers, artists, freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and professionals through emotionally-precise, open-hearted, and highly clarifying coaching containers.

Guided by equal parts compassion, curiosity and determination, I help my coaching clients see through the veils of illusion, uncertainty and avoidance that hold them back from taking clear and sustainable actions towards their personal and business goals.

Whether you are a writer or aspiring author, an “everyday yogi” on a path of healing or dharmic exploration, or a business owner or professional determined to fall back in love with your work, I have several coaching offerings to cater to your needs.

Expect our coaching to uncover your true goals, unpack the essence of what your soul craves, cultivate an abundance mindset, tap into a spirit of generosity, and open up creative-expressive energy channels to support your work in the world.

We’ll also illuminate shadow behaviors, self-limiting beliefs, and unconscious psychology that have been holding back your ability to live a fully-expressed life — all within the space of a patient, confidential, transformational container.

Writer’s Group of Two℠

For Writers & Aspiring Authors: Writer’s Group of Two distills the magic of a large writers’ group down to a one-on-one coaching formula, blending personal accountability, creative guidance from an experienced writer and author, bespoke writing prompts, and the routine opportunity to have your recent work peer-reviewed and line-edited by your coach. $555/mo. Learn More »

Story Shine℠

For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals: Story Shine℠ is a path-correcting journey that reconnects over-worked, burned out, stressed, and way-too-busy entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, and professionals to the heart and soul of their life’s work: why you’re doing what you’re doing, at all.

Our coaching journey rebuilds your passion and integrity to your work by undoing and releasing the “emotionally-deadening” ways in which your days have led you astray.

Using a story-based formula, Story Shine supports holistic business goals through ideas like increasing relatability to customers and team members, elevating brand perception, and nourishing your short- and long-term wellbeing. $1111/month. Learn More »

The Self-Storied Life℠

For Life Coaching & Personal Development. The Self-Storied Life℠ (formerly The Unavoidable Life) elevates the practice and pursuit of a spiritual, autonomous, and liberated lifestyle design through life coaching that emphasizes your journey to the telling of the story that you want to be living.

All the while, we honor and sustainably support your pragmatic needs and everyday obligations through considerate practice. You’ll refine and deepen into your relationship to self and others; develop an abundance mindset; explore loving ways of expressing yourself in the world, and even make peace with shadow patterns or self-limiting behaviors. $555/mo. Learn More »

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