One of the great privileges of my life today is being a coach.

Coaching is an art that I’ve truly fallen in love with because I so love being in relationship to others on their journeys of personal, professional, creative, and “soul” growth.

When I’m not writing, most of my time is spent as a coach in long-term containers where I take on the role of supporter, guide, and aid to some truly wonderful and talented people. What unites my diverse client base is their exceptional standards for what it means to them to live a good, whole, and meaningful life.

Whether you are a writer in your heart, an aspiring author, an online entrepreneur, a personal development junkie, an “everyday yogi” on a path of healing or dharmic exploration, or a professional looking to break out into thought leadership space, I have several coaching offerings to cater to your needs.

You can expect our coaching to explore your true goals, unpack your soul-code, cultivate an abundance mindset, tap into a spirit of generosity, and open up creative-expressive energy channels to support your work in the world.

We’ll also illuminate shadow behaviors, self-limiting beliefs, and unconscious psychology that have been holding back your ability to live a fully-expressed life — all within the space of a patient, confidential, transformational container.

Re-Storied Today: Multi-Hour Deep-Dive Sessions to Get Forward-Flowing

Re-Storied Today℠ is a multi-hour, deep-dive coaching and consulting session that aims to uncover precisely what is holding you back in your writing, business planning, book-writing, career experience, or small business aims.

Using an intuitive process of conversational reflection and analysis, we’ll zero in on any shadow patterns, self-limiting beliefs, or mental-emotional blockages that may be holding you back.

Starts at $239.


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Writer’s Group of Two℠: Peer-Reviewed Writing, Coaching and Content Development

Writer’s Group of Two℠ is a one-on-one coaching experience that supports writers, creative self-starters, aspiring authors, and content creators with personal coaching to help them develop a healthy, happy, productive relationship to writing — all while patiently developing written works that are peer-reviewed, line-edited

Full of unparalleled seenness, extraordinary personal support, and helpful advice, this unique coaching partnership supports all of the expressions that you intend to put out into the world.

Where other “hands-off” coaching programs typically fall short and “hands-on” writers’ groups don’t do enough, Writer’s Group of Two℠ sets the perfect container to help you — the writer behind the writing — understand the essential qualities for ideal creative output, alongside all of your creative goals, career needs, family life, and artistic learning curve.

Starts at $400/month.


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The Self-Storied Life℠: A Yearlong Life-Coaching Experience

The Self-Storied Life℠ is a year-long coaching experience where you are guided through the deep inner work, worldly exploration, and methods of expressing your most fully realized self in your everyday life, relationships, business, art, and service offerings in the world.

What would it feel like to experience two years’ worth of growth in a single calendar year?

In The Self-Storied Life℠, you are the curriculum, the content, and the coaching process.

A blend of supportive coaching calls and guided written reflections to create gradual shifts and changes over time, The Self-Storied Life℠ applies a wide spiritual philosophy based in far-ranging studies on journaling and creative exercises as pragmatic tools for slow self-examination in an attention-deficit age.

Experience profoundly supportive evolution, mindful behavioral change, and resilience of mind, heart, and spirit. is a monthly, 1-on-1 coaching experience for purpose-driven people who feel slightly askew from living the fully-expressed life that they desire, and could use some personal support for examining and exploring the qualities, values, questions, and approaches that could support living their best lives.

Over one year, you’ll explore — and express — your way into what feels equivalent to two full years’ worth of heightened self-knowledge, a codified set of personal values, and a slew of written artifacts to help you embrace a more satisfyingly “lived-in” life, inside and out.

Starts at $400/month.


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