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What Is Coaching? Coaching is defined as a process that aims to improve the performance, focus, and capacities of clients while unlocking their long-term potential for success and achieving immediate goals in business, relationships, and beyond.

While coaches are a dime a dozen these days, a good coach is a skilled facilitator and professional guide who, rather than telling you what to do or how to do it, creates possibility and potential by expanding your outlook, highlighting self-limiting habits and unhelpful beliefs, and clarifying your personal and professional goals at this time.

A coach is a professional peer and dedicated partner who holds compassionate space for you to stay accountable to your dreams and desires while helping you smoothly navigate the unpredictable bumps and detours along life’s journey.

As a writing coach and leadership coach, I’ve helped more than 300 clients unlock their potential for self-actualization since 2012.

From authoring their first books to transforming long-standing wounds into new sources of strength and resilience, launching new businesses from scratch (or after accomplished careers), and much more, I believe that working with a coach is one of the most transformational tools available to us today.

(That’s exactly why I have personally worked with, and benefited from, the care and support of coaches throughout my 12-year odyssey as a self-employed creative professional.)

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in your journey — or very alone in your head, or like you have far too many choices, opportunities or paths to choose from at any given time — a coach can help you clarify your direction, demystify your desires, and help you get the support that you need (and deserve!) so that you can live out the story of your dreams.

Coaching Is…

  • A professional relationship with a qualified facilitator who helps you clarify, develop, and achieve your goals
  • A long-term journey designed for sustainable growth in your own self-realization
  • Usually tax-deductible under executive coaching or related qualified expenses — check with your accountant!

Coaching Is NOT…

  • A “guru” or “expert” relationship where you are told “what to do” and “how to do it”
  • A substitute for therapy or help from a qualified mental health professional
  • A solution for sudden personal crisis or intended to help with “quick fixes” to life’s problems

Living “Your Best Life” Can Feel Like a Lonesome Journey.

But it doesn’t need to stay that way.

As your coach, I am here to be your professional support, guide, and partner in understanding, defining, and achieving your goals.

It’s time to take some of the pressure and expectation off of yourself to “figure it all out,” all on your own.

You needn’t carry that weight by yourself, anymore.

Whether there’s some quiet shame or a twinge of imposter syndrome that pushes you to try to “champion everything” in business and life — without any outside help or support — or another self-limiting shadow beneath the surface, as your coach, I am here to lift up your work and to help you thoroughly enjoy your life more, every step of the way.

“The journey of life,” as the saying goes, “is the greatest reward.”

As your coach, together, we’ll make your journey feel as rewarding as it deserves to be.


“Hands down, Dave is one of the best coaches that I’ve worked with. I look forward to every session where we cover a wide variety of topics relating to my life, career, and art. Since working with Dave, I’ve published my first book of poetry; found new purpose and meaning in my drawing and writing, and live a more joyful life.”— Tracy Huang, Attorney, Washington, D.C.

Writer’s Group of Two℠

Reclaim Your Writing, Get Your Words Out There

Writer’s Group of Two℠ distills the magic of a large writers’ group down to a one-on-one coaching formula, blending personal accountability, creative guidance from an experienced writer and author, bespoke writing prompts, and the routine opportunity to have your recent work peer-reviewed and line-edited by your coach.

Designed for creatives, aspiring writers, and first-time authors, but also embraced by professionals, full-time homemakers, yoga teachers building their platforms, and spiritual journeyers with a message in their hearts.

Choose from 6-month, 9-month, or 12-month coaching journeys. Starts at $500/mo. Learn More »

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The Self-Storied Life℠

Leadership Coaching: Serve from Within

The Self-Storied Life℠ elevates the practice and pursuit of a spiritual, autonomous, and liberated lifestyle design through life coaching that emphasizes your journey to the telling of the story that you want to be living.

All the while, we honor and sustainably support your pragmatic needs and everyday obligations through considerate practice.

You’ll refine and deepen your relationship to yourself and to others; develop an abundance mindset; explore loving ways of expressing yourself in the world, and even make peace with shadow patterns or self-limiting behaviors.

Designed for mid-career and late-stage professionals, small business owners and operators, and self-employed creative entrepreneurs.

Choose from 6-month or 12-month coaching journeys. Starts at $500/mo. Learn More »

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About Your Coach, Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is a professional writer, an 11-time author, and a writing coach and leadership coach based in Warwick, Rhode Island.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from a top-25 liberal arts institution and a Graduate Certification in Organizational Change Leadership. Dave is a former policy intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality and has been seen on NPR, CBS News Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, INC, and Forbes.

He is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has spoken and taught to over 4,000 students on 4 continents since 2011.

Client Testimonials

“Leadership coaching with Dave is the most important investment I’ve made in my personal and professional evolution. His ability to see clearly and get right to the heart of the matter — using language I wish I had been able to cultivate to describe what I’m feeling — always blows me away. I leave every call feeling refreshed, more clear, and excited to fulfill the work that’s ahead of me.” — Patricia Kenney, Brand Strategist and Media Maven, Providence, R.I.

“I was tired of feeling like a ‘stuck’ professional. After years of being undervalued by coworkers and managers, coaching helped me identify, reframe, and then unblocked the exact areas where I felt out of options. Suddenly, new opportunities started appearing all around me.” — Charlotte Love, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor, Providence, R.I.

More Testimonials and Praise from Former Clients


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