1-on-1 & Small-Team Business Coaching

1-on-1 & Small-Team Business Coaching with Dave Ursillo pair you with a partner-for-hire for integrated problem-solving with your business, from identifying pressing needs to hosting facilitated conversations for creative solution-crafting. Reveal underlying issues of communication, subconscious self-limiting beliefs, boundary flaws, and other mission-critical influences before orienting yourself towards an integrated solution on your change-making mission. Sign Up Now »

The Answers You Need Reside Within

If you are a creative entrepreneur, a startup or nonprofit founder, or a mid-career professional, you understand the vital importance of support staff, training, mentorship, guidance, hands-on help, and sharing in the many burdens of responsibility that come with the journey you’re on.

But many lack the support they require to “get out of their own way” and start finding forward and constructive momentum.

Don’t let a bump in the road become something bigger than it needs to be.

As an experienced leadership coach, a professional writer and author, and a former communications consultant, I offer myself to individuals and small teams (usually of two or three) as they navigate big and small transitions, pressing business dilemmas, cliques, and communications impasses, and much more.

I’ll become your invested partner, a creative peer, and a devout supporter of your work, mission, and goals.

Together, I’ll help you or your small team illuminate the subtle sticking points, clarify what self-limitations and circumstantial struggles are getting in the way, and identify important next-step decisions that can turn a sticking point into a sustainable flow again.

1-on-1 & Small-Team Business Coaching

Get Communication Flowing Again — Within Yourself or Among Your Small Team

You’re not a client number or a dollar amount to me, and you never will be.

I treat all my clients as peers and colleagues.

I enter into the space of helping you solve the pressing, sensitive, even vulnerable problems and struggles at hand as an invested partner, a conscientious collaborator, and a dedicated co-conspirator in your goals.

Whether you and a small team are stuck at a communications impasse or in an unresolved conflict on how to approach the next big decision; whether you’re a self-employed person who needs an objective point of view; whether you’re a boss or manager who feels isolated and increasingly burdened by making every big, hard decision, all on your lonesome, I am here to help you spot the real struggles at hand, craft pathways to solving them, and support you along the way as you do.

Topics that we explore might include…

  • Assessing annual and monthly expenditures and overall value of various business investments
  • Exploring a new system for prioritizing profit and making your abundance a habit, not an assumed eventuality
  • Taking inventory of past marketing efforts for efficacy and personal reward
  • Performing a voice-values analysis on your brand
  • Host multiple, individual conversations with team members to assess group opinions on problems
  • Facilitate open, earnest, constructive dialogue between cliques, after a conflict, or through communications impasse
  • Create a simple but sustainable roadmap for forward progress with overarching goals and target markers

If my other specific coaching containers like Writer’s Group of Two and Claim Your Calling aren’t a perfect fit for your needs, my 1-on-1 and Small Team coaching creates the space for us to work together in 1-hour coaching and consulting sessions, which come in easy and affordable packages of 1, 3, 5, or 10.

Ready to join me? Sign up now:

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*All sessions, including follow-ups, must be used within 12 months of purchase date; no transfers, combined sessions, or other exceptions.

lauras“Writer, leader. Leader, writer. Dave Ursillo is both, and each identity brilliantly informs the other. As a writer, Dave is prolific, consistent, and perhaps above all, dedicated. As a leader, he places a high value on community and power of peer support. Dave is an exceptional voice in the landscape of ‘change the world’ businesses. He not only calls on you to create a better life for yourself, he offers you the structure to do it.”Laura Simms, Career Coach and Strategist

karls“There are people that are just meant to change lives. Dave is one of them. He was able to uncover answers to my questions that help people see hidden emotional issues that you wouldn’t expect.”Karl Staib, Career Coach and Customer Experience Expert