Strategic Advice & Consultation Sessions

Strategic Advice & Consultation Sessions with Dave Ursillo pair you with an experienced creative entrepreneur, professional writer and storyteller, and multi-published author for bespoke support, problem-solving, solution brainstorming, and informal path-mapping in support of your creative, small business, career, or leadership trajectory. Sign Up Now »

Stop Googling, Start Getting Personally Supported.

You deserve listening ears, objective perspective, and considerate support regarding the dreams you hold so near and dear; the business you’ve been planning on or actually building for months or years; the stories, experiences, beliefs, and change-making ideas that you feel so urgently called to express in the world.

In the modern age of Google, ideas are aplenty, strategies numerous, and apparent solutions to making our dreams real are endless — and absolutely overwhelming.

As an experienced, 12+ year veteran of the online entrepreneurial space, I lean on a wide swath of personal, professional, and creative experiences to support self-starters who are looking for a qualified source and trusted partner who has not only “walked the talk” for years, but who holds you, your goals, and your dreams with exceptional care and compassion.

You’re not a number to me, nor are you just a customer or a dollar figure on a spreadsheet.

I take the time to understand you, what moves you, what you’re feeling, and why.

Even before having met you, I can tell you that I care about who you are as a person.

I care about your personal story and journey.

I care for what you’ve overcome, championed, learned, and defied.

I care for your human rights.

I care about doing what I am able — within reason, within the scope of our professional relationship and designated work — to support your personal growth, your self-realization, your abundance, your happiness, and your sustainable and rewarding pursuit of your goals — creative, professional, business, change-making, and beyond.

That’s why I make myself available as a coach and consultant for hire.

Strategic Advice & Consultation Sessions

Personalized to You — No ‘One Size Fits All’ Solutions

Even if my other specific and well-crafted coaching containers, like Writer’s Group of Two and Claim Your Calling, aren’t a perfect fit for you, we can still work together in 1-hour coaching and consulting sessions in packages of 1, 3, 5, or 10.

You can borrow my brain; get powerful, individualized coached; lean into communications consulting and strategic advice, and tap me up for every story or experience I’ve ever had that’s relevant to where you’ve been or where you’re going.

If you could use a resource from which many wide-ranging, lived-in experiences can support you as a creative entrepreneur, a self-employed person, a professional eager to make a leap to a new career field, or a healer-teacher building your own platform, look no further.

From former CEOs and former Presidential Appointees and federal executives to upstart freelance writers, slam poets, first-time authors, marketers and branding specialists, practicing therapists and coaches, parent-preneurs, and beyond, I lean on 12 years of experience and over 300 happy, satisfied clients served since 2009.

Let’s fill in some of the blank spaces around what journey you’ve traversing right now, so you don’t have to go on as long, slow, or daunting a journey as I have already lived and survived, myself!

Topics that we can explore might include…

  • Discussing the ins-and-outs of self-publishing versus traditional book publishing
  • How to guest post on popular blogs or other outlets
  • Creating a system for profitability and responsible bookkeeping
  • Hosting an event like a workshop or a destination retreat abroad
  • Pursuing a yoga teaching certification or a coaching certification, the pros and cons
  • Establishing an engaged readership, collaborative partnerships, or a supportive peer network
  • Building a teaching platform or writing platform for yourself to share your ideas
  • A potential exit from corporate, career-change, and what a jump to entrepreneurship really entails

In addition to my vast personal experience, I also bring untold stories, advice, warning signs, and trend-spotting from ongoing, off-the-record conversations with my extensive global network of creatives, teachers, healers, best-selling authors, and other talented professionals to fill in the blanks of what they, too, are seeing and sensing in the larger world.

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*All sessions, including follow-ups, must be used within 12 months of purchase date; no transfers, combined sessions, or other exceptions.

lisanb“Dave Ursillo is a rare professional who takes thought-leadership beyond theory and to action–he’s a master at distilling aspirational concepts into tangible strategies. As a pioneer of alternative leadership among Millennials, Dave consistently inspires and mobilizes his clients to higher levels of success. I love the way he thinks, and I’m consistently inspired by his work.”Lisa Nicole Bell, Award-Winning Writer and Producer

“I’m constantly asking Dave for feedback. Why? Because I can always count on him to show me my creative blind spots. I’m not entirely sure how he works his magic, but time and time again, Dave’s offered me advice which has brought me a deeper sense of clarity about how to most effectively communicate my purpose and increase my profits. I think it’s because he has this socially genius ability to deeply understand and connect with people from their core.”Jacob Sokol, Life Coach of Life Coaches

“With his support and guidance, Dave truly made me think like a leader by helping me believe in myself and by guiding me to strongly direct my focus, goals, and voice. He helped me so much that I feel like I’m well on my way to becoming a leader in my world.”Amy Clover, Fitness Personality, Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Advocate