Coaching Scholarship Rates: Sliding Scale Options

Last updated 6/21/21

Claim Your Calling℠, my primary 1:1 coaching offer and thought leadership collective, makes select “scholarship” opportunities available on an ongoing basis to support social and racial equity.

My intention is to thoughtfully develop a diverse, dynamic, well-represented community of member-clients from a range of backgrounds and points of view.

What are “Scholarships”? Scholarships are discounted membership opportunities to Claim Your Calling℠. Beneficiaries of scholarships receive a discount on their monthly membership fee, which they individually select on an honor system (details below).

Why Offer Scholarships? I hope to these leverage scholarship opportunities to attract member-clients with diverse viewpoints and from diverse backgrounds, especially those who consider themselves to be BIPOC, AAPI, LGBT+, and women-owned businesses or women professionals. The goal is to amplify and support the leadership work and efforts of all of our community members through increased equity, diversity, and inclusion.

How Do Scholarships Work? Scholarships are offered on an as-needed basis and on an honor system. There are no special qualifications or applications to complete, and no additional proof of eligibility is required — outside of one’s own self-selection in our routine application process. Self-selection does not guarantee a scholarship discount is available or can be provided immediately, but all applicants will be promptly informed as to whether one is or isn’t available.

How to Receive a Scholarship: Applicants self-select their eligibility in the standard CYC application form. If a scholarship is available, the applicant will use the sliding scale below as a reference to select their locked-in membership rate.

Are There Any Limitations? Scholarship recipients are, like all other coaching clients, obligated to honor the full commitment of their membership durations without exception. All payments must be made in a timely manner, and scholarship discounts are not an “easy out” on the commitment you’re making to coaching. There will be no refunds or transfers. Scholarship rates are offered only in exchange for 6-month and 12-month coaching commitments.

Sliding Scale Options (Current as of July 2021)

We are currently using income levels as a reference for our tiered scholarship guidelines because it feels like the “least-inappropriate” way to suggest guidelines for membership pricing without unintentionally marginalizing candidates based upon identity group, race, gender identity, etc.

Simply choose what feels fair to you:

[easy-pricing-table id=”31431″]

About Scholarship Recipients

We are especially interested in attracting and prioritizing the following candidates:

  1. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color) candidates and AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) candidates
  2. Persons whose work directly impacts communities of color and/or marginalized groups, especially in the realms of policy, social justice, advocacy, community organization, etc.
  3. LGBT+ candidates
  4. Women professionals or women-owned businesses
  5. Rural entrepreneurs, environmentalist/community activists, nonprofit founders

How Many Scholarships are Available? Scholarships availability will vary, but generally, they will be limited in proportion to the overall number of active, full-price paying members. The current proportion of active paying members to scholarship recipients is 30%. For example:

  • 6:2 (6 Active Paying Members = 2 Scholarships)
  • 12:4 (12 Active Paying Members = 4 Scholarships)
  • 18:6 (18 Active Paying Members = 6 Scholarships)

These numbers may change in the future.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns? This is my first attempt at creating an ethical, transparent, and fair sliding scale to attract applicants from diverse backgrounds in support of social and racial equity.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns — including anything that I may have omitted, neglected to mention, or failed to consider — please do not hesitate to email me.

Thank you!

Dave Ursillo
Founder of Claim Your Calling℠