The Self-Storied Life: Life Coaching for Living the Story that You Want to Be Telling

The Self-Storied Life℠ is 1-on-1 life coaching that taps into the most essential principles of self-knowledge and positive psychology to thoughtfully develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, clarity for your goals, and the mindset to achieve them — through the transformational lenses of story and storytelling. Starts at $375/month. Learn More »

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There’s Still Time to Live Out the Story of Your Dreams…

In the natural course of our lives, multitudes of obligations, base-level needs, and pressing responsibilities force us into survival mode.

And, just like that, in a sudden flash, many years can pass before we realize that we have been living a life’s story that is not what we wanted or expected to be telling.

If you can say you haven’t been living the story you thought you’d be telling by now?

Please consider this your call to take your story back.

The Self-Storied Life is a 1-on-1 life coaching journey that aims to bring awareness, understanding, and peace to the life story that you’ve been living — whether for months, years, or decades — before creating conditions for gentle, sustainable, and integrated change to take root and grow.

From goal-setting and articulating your life’s purpose at this moment to exploring personal growth practices, mindfulness techniques, and self-knowledge principles, The Self-Storied Life partners you with an invested guide, a lifelong practitioner of self-knowledge, and a multi-passionate author, teacher, and coach.

Alongside Dave, you’ll conscientiously examine, thoughtfully explore, and lovingly support your journey into deeper happiness, fulfillment, and soulful success.

The Self-Storied Life is life coaching designed for:

  • Mid- to late-stage professionals with career transition, retirement, or legacy on their minds
  • Recent empty-nesters who are recovering a sense of self and reconnecting to the truth of who they are
  • Parent-preneurs or founders who are struggling to maintain their sense of identity, and
  • Creatives, aspiring authors and entrepreneurs who need to refine their internal stories and self-perceptions, while uncovering limiting beliefs and scarcity mindsets, before they can go further into their work or the world

By mindfully pairing thoughtful, clarifying dialogue in private coaching sessions and unpacking significant personal reflections, you’ll discover a natural wealth of capabilities to advance your growth and healing — all so you can continue to do bigger, better service work in our world.

As a result? You begin to reclaim the story of your life — the story that you have always wanted and deserve, to be living.

“Dave brings deep experience and devotion to his teachings. What a gift to study with such a kind, smart, and compassionate man!”Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling Author and Teacher

“I’ve known Dave as a teacher of writing for nearly a decade — I can’t recommend working with him highly enough!”Jenny Blake, Author of Pivot and Life After College

Enter: The Self-Storied Life

The Self-Storied Life℠ is long-form 1-on-1 life coaching that taps into the most essential principles of self-knowledge and positive psychology to thoughtfully develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, clarity for your goals, and the mindset to achieve them.


Through the transformative lens of story and storytelling: the perceptions, beliefs, ideas, and social-cultural influences that shape and sometimes dictate your perceptions of self, what’s possible, and what “succeeding” even means to you.

As the name implies, The Self-Storied Life℠ revolves around intimate understanding, unpacking, and tracking of the personal narratives that guide and influence our everyday deeds, actions, behaviors, and mindset.

The words we use (and those we leave behind) make up the very stories of our lives.

When it comes to habits, behavior change, goals, senses of mission and purpose, and our very ideas of success, our storied understanding of who we are, what we’re capable of, what we deserve, and why, are the most essential components to aligning future deeds and actions in perfect accord.

Making room for all of your many facets, roles, identities, hopes, dreams, and even wounds that comprise “the sum total of who you are,” The Self-Storied Life℠ accounts for the many influences, considerations, and circumstances that touch, shape, and influence how you lead and serve in your business, creative venture, or professional life.

This is a highly bespoke, holistic, and uniquely “you” approach to developing your personal leadership from the inside, out.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re living in a disjointed story — and, feel like you’re close to forgetting the very reasons why you’ve embarked upon the path that you’re on, at all — The Self-Storied Life℠ exists to reconnect you to the essential story of your personal leadership journey so that you can serve more, and serve better, from within.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Here’s how The Self-Storied Life℠ coaching experience is structured for your long-term growth and success:

#1) A Spacious, Sustainable, Long-Form Journey Built on Trust and Understanding

We unite for 6 or 12 months of thoughtful, open, curiosity-driving conversations, through which life, work, interests, passions, and needs are all expected to shift, evolve and change: unlike short-form coaching, we expect the life you’re living to change over time. That’s how we discover the truth of the story you’re living — and the story that you want to be telling

#2) Sense Into & Set Initial Goals and Intentions

Our first two to four sessions are typically reserved for tapping into the story you’ve been living lately, and why you’ve been feeling out of alignment, authenticity, or integrity to your truth, your sense of mission or purpose, or your overarching sense of calling in life. We set and track several personal and professional goals, keep tabs on sneaking shadow patterns (or self-limiting beliefs) that arise along the way, and deploy prescriptive creative solutions — guided by smiles, confidence, and an abundance mindset all along the way.

#3) Every-Other-Weekly Sessions — to Make Space for Living, Practice, and Results

We establish a spacious, sustainable rhythm of every-other-weekly coaching sessions over our 6- or 12-month container. My novel, week-on/week-off approach is essential for allowing the crucial space that you require for living your life, doing your work, and allowing space for your relationships to thrive — in other words, the requisite space, time, and energy that are necessary for lasting change to take root, sustainably over time.

#4) Re-Live Coaching With Full Call Recordings After Every Session

After each coaching call, you receive a full session recording, privately archived for download and re-listening at your convenience, within hours of your session. This means no wasted time taking notes during your call time; instead, you just focus on showing up, being present, and tapping into the truth of what you’re feeling and why.

#5) Develop Self-Accountability for Sustainable, Long-Term Success

Get out of your inbox and back into thoughtful verbal exchanges with your coach through direct access, self-accountability check-ins in between every coaching session. Using the Voxer walkie-talkie app, you can ping your coach for a quick update, ask a question that you’ve been mulling since your previous session, or give an update on your progress before your next coaching call.

Specific coaching details are subject to change; confirm details with your coach.

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“Coaching with Dave is the most important investment I’ve made in my personal and professional evolution. His ability to see clearly and get right to the heart of the matter — using language I wish I had been able to cultivate to describe what I’m feeling — always blows me away. I leave every call feeling refreshed, more clear, and excited to fulfill the work that’s ahead of me.” — Patricia Kenney, Brand Strategist, and Media Maven, Providence, R.I.

“Working with Dave was not only incredibly efficient and positive for the business narratives we needed to develop at the time but it was also easy, inspiring, and deeply supportive. Dave is an incredible listener and a highly skilled — magical, even — guide for any growth process! We look forward to working with him again.” — Jhana Senxian, CEO, Sustainability Guild International

What You Can Do with Your Life Coaching

The Self-Storied Life establishes a reliable, consistent container to support your long-term growth and sustainable successes by establishing an emotionally essential and spiritually liberating space for you to explore, reflect, and practice your inner work.

Together, we’ll help you start to tell the story that you want to be living — so you can live the story that you deserve to be telling.

Through clarifying conversation, guided shadow work, and the dedicated practice of mindful and holistic self-knowledge principles, you’ll refine your relationship to yourself, your work, and your everyday life — so that you can live the story that you want, and deserve, to be telling.

Here’s what you might do with your coaching experience…

Demystify Your Goals — and Find Your True North Again

If what you desire feels like a moving target — or, that you’re constantly juggling “too many” ideas and services — our coaching can guide you through a routine and clarifying process for rediscovering the heart of what you desire, not what you think “will work” or “is what successful people are doing.”

Refine Your Core Message, Service Mission, or Brand Story

Sink into the heart of your “why” so you can communicate it effectively with poise, grace, and emotional engagement. As an experienced blogger with 10 years of experiencing building a platform of his own, Dave leans on personal experience for tried-and-true advice to help you see and express the “common threads” of your core story: the “why” that moves your brand, explains your business and invites new souls to come into work with you.

Establish Systems & Processes to Streamline Your Self-Knowledge Practices

Explore the best business books and resources available to the modern creative entrepreneur so that you can automate as much as possible — and maybe even eventually outsource all the rest — so that you can be the one who benefits from running your business. After all, your business is about your freedom. You’re not here to be a slave to it; you’re here to self-actualize through it.

Unpack Your from Imposter Syndrome to Find Wholeness Within

Discover how the specific points of struggle and frustration in your creativity, work, or even relationships, reveal potential power sources and personal strengths. If you’ve been stuck for years, or find familiar bad habits keep showing up, Dave will help you break through your writer’s block and other self-limiting shadows, for good.

Chronicle Transitions, Navigate Personal Changes, or Chart Growth in Your Journey

Embrace daily (or almost daily) personal journaling to chronicle transitions in your personal life, change in your career path, or major phases of creative and artistic growth. As you document and digest the experiences, your guide Dave will help you contextualize the larger lessons in microcosm moments and how your daily rituals in writing and self-expression are serving your bigger mission.

“Dave is an immensely talented story coach and writer. He was a go-to member of the Get Storied team for a couple of years, which I’m deeply grateful for. Our clients adore him! Dave’s always a joy to work with. As a devoted yogi, he works hard to bring people’s authentic story to life with grace, passion, and deep insight.”Michael Margolis, Global Storytelling Evangelist and Cultural Anthropologist

gems-180“Dave is a revolution of thinking, of writing, of loving, of living. His poetic wisdom is intoxicating. His ability to dance between raw vulnerability and profound strength is captivating. Within moments of meeting him, I was already a better leader and thinker. There are times in your life when you stumble across a remarkable human who is capable of remarkable connection. Dave Ursillo is that person. I have tucked him into my heart. I suggest you do the same.”Gemma Stone, M.A., R.Psych

carolynr“Dave is a compassionate and genuine leader–he is wholeheartedly involved, communicating with vulnerability and presence. His message of leadership is woven throughout his work. Through words, he is able to powerfully connect with others and his dedication and love for the community that has gathered around him are etched in his actions. I urge you to read his beautifully candid words.”
Caroline Rubenstein, Author and Contributor to Psychology Today

lauras“Writer, leader. Leader, writer. Dave Ursillo is both, and each identity brilliantly informs the other. As a writer, Dave is prolific, consistent, and perhaps above all, dedicated. As a leader, he places a high value on community and the power of peer support. Dave is an exceptional voice in the landscape of ‘change the world’ businesses. He not only calls on you to create a better life for yourself, he offers you the structure to do it.”Laura Simms, Career Coach and Strategist

karls“There are people that are just meant to change lives. Dave is one of them. He was able to uncover answers to my questions that help people see hidden emotional issues that you wouldn’t expect.”Karl Staib, Career Coach and Customer Experience Expert

Start Living the Story that You Want to Be Telling

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This is only partly about the stories that you’re telling today.

This is about you stepping into your truth, your wholeness, and your personal leadership — all of which we need now, more than ever.

Let’s uncover the hidden qualities of your soul that will make your journey much more rewarding for years to come.

Dave Ursillo, Writer, Author & Coach

Praise & Testimonials

“Dave guides people to embrace their vulnerability and reveal the foundational values that drive feeling states and life decisions. As a guest instructor in my yoga teacher training programs, Dave has led dozens of future yoga teachers to develop their teaching voices and inspirational class messaging. Graduates of my program will go on to inspire introspection and embodiment in other people through what they learned with Dave.” Jessie Dwiggins, Creator of Wild Wisdom Yoga and From Um to Om ®: Public Speaking for Yoga Instructors

srinir“I’ve witnessed Dave’s journey and have always been impressed by how he has pushed the envelope. I was fortunate enough to have him as a guest on my podcast, The Unmistakable Creative, and the insights he shared into self-publishing blew me away. Of all the launches of self-published books I’ve seen over the years, his stood head and shoulders above the rest.” Srinivas Rao, Author and Podcast Host

“Coaching with Dave created a profound shift in my relationship to writing and the role that it plays in my life. I thought I was seeking someone who would ‘kick my ass’ and get me to write more often. I came away from our coaching realizing that I don’t need to pursue writing out of fear if I don’t immediately become a prolific author. Without the unnecessary suffering that writing can carry with it, I can now enjoy my writing as a form of self-expression that creates more ease in my life.”— Rolando Peraza, Freelance Writer, California

“I was tired of feeling like a ‘stuck’ professional. After years of being undervalued by coworkers and managers, coaching helped me identify, reframe, and then unblocked the exact areas where I felt out of options. Suddenly, new opportunities started appearing all around me.” — Charlotte Love, Wellness Coach, and Yoga Instructor, Providence, R.I.

“Dave helped me figure out my true priorities — not only as a writer but in how I wanted to express myself as a person. My writing evolved and now I have a relationship to writing that feels like it is truly my own. Dave is a true life guide — patient, wise, and encouraging. When I started my Writer’s Group of Two, I thought I would focus my writing in support of my business goals, but I discovered something more even valuable: my real personal motivations to write.”— Tom Henell, Marketing, Leadership and Customer Acquisition Professional

About Your Coach, Dave Ursillo

Dave Ursillo is a professional writer, an 11-time author, and a writing coach and leadership coach based in Warwick, Rhode Island.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from a top-25 liberal arts institution and a Graduate Certification in Organizational Change Leadership. Dave is a former policy intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality and has been seen on NPR, CBS News Sunday Morning, Psychology Today, INC, and Forbes.

He is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has spoken and taught to over 4,000 students on 4 continents since 2011.

OVER THE LAST DECADE, my work as a self-employed creative has spanned platform-building as a writer, professional blogging, self-publishing five books, copywriting for nonprofits and businesses, story consulting for professionals, and teaching hundreds of workshops, seminars, classes, and retreats on 4 continents for over 4,000 students.

My journey as a writer and coach began in 2009 when I quit my job in politics and left a career in public service behind.

Disheartened by the state of politics — which only seemed to be serving powerful peoples’ self-interests more than people who needed help the most — I let go of my dream to become a Presidential speechwriter and instead decided to start sharing my own words in my own voice with the world.

Years later, after publishing my first book in 2011, I was sought out by writers and creatives who wanted to have a more rewarding creative journey.

I started to produce materials such as writing prompts, hosted live author interviews with best-selling authors, and founded an online writers’ group called The Literati Writers. Over four years, we served over 300 member writers with weekly writing prompts, online workshops, monthly author interviews, and more.

Today, I’ve synthesized all that I’ve learned into writing coaching and leadership coaching for creative entrepreneurs, business owners, and modern0day professionals with a dream to express themselves more completely than ever before.

Combined with my years’ worth of writing and my experience supporting a diverse range of creative souls across the world, our with together in a long-term coaching container may be the exact recipe you need to feel more seen and understood — as you journey deeper than ever into the heart of who you are, whom you serve, and how to serve them.

Whether you’re re-starting your writing practice, reconnecting to your passion for creative self-expression, or feel ready to finally untangle all of your creative desires, The Self-Storied Life℠ offers you a unique creative partnership that may be quite unlike any other coaching program or online course you’ve taken before.

Blending unparalleled seenness, extraordinary personal support, and intimate creative collaboration, your The Self-Storied Life℠ is an entirely bespoke and intentional support system unique to your goals. 

“Dave taught me to think like a leader. He’s guided me to believe in myself more, and now I’m sharing more of my voice in the world.”Amy Clover, Fitness Personality

“Dave’s got this genius ability to help people deeply understand themselves and connect to the core of their own being.”Jacob Sokol, Life Coach

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