Forever Remember 9/11

“Are you guys ready? Let’s roll.” ~Last known words of Todd Beamer, passenger on Flight 93 and co-leader of the flight that fought back.

I was 15 years old when the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 occurred.

Approaching the one-year anniversary attacks, I spent several (agonizing) weeks putting together a 9/11 Memorial Slideshow to be shown at my high school (for students who opted to stay after class) on 9/11/02.

I’ve never made any edits to it after that day. I figured that once it was completed, it should remain as is with its imperfections and all. You’ll notice some audio overlap and image inconsistencies, but it’s not about appearance.

It’s about remembering those who died on 9/11. It’s about remembering what that day meant. It’s about remembering how you honestly felt that day, and what you would do to make sure it would not happen again. It’s tough to watch. But that’s the point. We need to remember. It’s important to recall the feelings we felt on that day and the months following.

Always remember. Never forget.

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