My Summer of Writing 2018

You want to write more — you used to. But you’ve gotten away from it. Life has gotten busy. Things have clogged up your attention span. You want to put pen to paper again. But, where do you begin? The rhythm feels so far away. How much is enough? How do you make the most of your limited chances to write?

I’ve got a simple, helpful solution for you (and it’s entirely free).

My Summer of Writing 2017 was an offering I made to my readers and newsletter subscribers: an invitation to return to their creative rhythm as a resource for continual self-knowledge. Over 8 glorious weeks, 1544 emails were sent to more than 400 participants!

That’s why we’ll be back for more in July 2018!

My Summer of Writing 2018 will provide you with weeks’ worth of free journaling prompts in your inbox that pair mindful reflections and intuition to aid and support your desire to express yourself using the written word.


To join, enter your email address below:

You’ll be reminded that you signed up in June, and have the chance to opt-out if you have since changed your mind.

Yours in writing,

“I loved it! Each week seemed to lead onto the next and enabled a true journey of self-discovery. It helped me to see the importance of writing for myself.”  — Shona L.

“…an easy, structured way to become more introspective.”  — Donna D.

“…will help anyone who is looking to break through a creative and/ or emotional block.”  — Anjli B.