My Summer of Writing 2017

You want to write more. You used to. You’ve gotten away from it. Life has gotten busy. Things have clogged up your attention span. You want to put pen to paper again. But, where do you begin?

The rhythm feels so far away. How much is enough? How do you make the most of your limited chances to write?

I’ve got a simple, helpful solution for you (and it’s entirely free).

Starting Sunday, July 9, 2017, I’m thrilled to kick off a new (and, I hope, annual!) tradition here on my blog: My Summer of Writing. This is your opportunity to receive my best writing prompts across eight weeks of the hottest, brightest, and most spacious months of the year… summertime!

Throughout July and August, you’ll receive a weekly email from me that includes a small batches of topic-specific, always-meaningful, and lightly-challenging writing prompts to help you express yourself, get in touch with your Soul Code, and self-actualize through the art of self-expression.

Whether you’re a part-time journaler, a budding freelancer, or dream of penning an epic novel someday, My Summer of Writing is for you.

(Did I mention this is 100% free?!)

You’ll be guided through writing prompts on…

  • Shadow habits that hold you back, and how they reveal your strengths and gifts
  • Trying your hand at free-form spiritual poetry, and nature-adoration in the style of Mary Oliver
  • Feeding your guiding beliefs with love and light by speaking to them, directly
  • Exploring principles of time-honored philosophies and teachings before applying them to your modern-day life
  • Dissecting phrases, crutch words and expressions that you unconsciously use all the time, but that are defining the very story of life as you live it.

No matter your interest or skill level in writing, this initiative is my gift to you.

WHY NOW? Ever since I closed my old writers’ group, The Literati Writers, I’ve missed helping folks express themselves. So, this summer, I thought I would try something different, keep it simple, and make it free and accessible to one and all. #FreeTheWriting!

WHAT’S REQUIRED? The only tools you require are a pen and your favorite journal. Open one email in your inbox every Sunday morning to find your prompts awaiting you — that, and 15 minutes of time, which you can certainly set aside, especially if it means honoring your inner calling to create and express yourself!

And that’s how simple this is! My Summer of Writing exists to help you write more. With more meaning. In more harmony to your truth. And to aid your journey of self-knowledge.

To me, there’s no better time than the glorious, warm, bright, luxurious summer months to indulge in your creativity.

So, let’s spend My Summer of Writing together!

To get started, enter your email address below:

First prompts will be delivered to all members of My Summer of Writing on Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Yours in writing,