What I’m Doing Right Now

Living in a cozy creative enclave overlooking Greenwich Bay in my home state of Rhode Island, where I’ve been based since 2014.

Hanging out in the Sacred Valley of Peru for 2.5 weeks: hosting a 1-week writing and yoga retreat, visiting Machu Picchu (for the second time!), and then spending time in Cusco and Bogota for a personal vacation.

Celebrating my first live-studio workshop broadcast with CreativeLive called Overcoming Writer’s Block, which I taught in Seattle in January.

Preparing the full public release of my new writing e-course, Unavoidable Writing: Turn What You’re Resisting Into Your Refuge, which successfully beta launched over the winter.

Beginning work on a book proposal for a new book project, and soon to be seeking my first literary agent.

Publishing my bi-weekly newsletter, which is always the best way to stay tuned into what I’m creating and teaching, and sharing weekly articles here on my blog.

Teaching weekly yoga classes at Laughing Elephant Yoga in East Greenwich, R.I.



Updated: Jan 20, 2018