What I’m Doing Right Now

What is this? A Now Page is a replacement destination for what one would come to expect via social media updates. In an age of overwhelm where we’re all struggling to keep pace with life, let alone what a writer like me is up to, I’ve started this Now page to provide you with a short and sweet snapshot of what I’m working on and things like where I’m traveling next. Whether you’re interested in working together, keeping an eye on upcoming projects, or simply staying in touch, this is the place for you.

i. Life, Right Now

I’ve been living in a cozy creative enclave in my home state of Rhode Island since 2014 after jaunts in Boston, New York City, and galavanting around the world like one of those cool “work from anywhere” bloggers you hear about.

My partner, Laura, and our Frenchie, Lola, moved to the state in early 2017. This year, we’ve traveled to Las Vegas and Los Angeles on business, and to Morocco and Portugal for pleasure.

On the wellness side of life, I began a brand new daily meditation practice in March and have been going strong daily (minus 3 or so missed days) ever since. I’ve been dabbling in (and getting humbled by) occasional watercolor painting; started training in the StrongFirst school of functional strength since July; and I’m currently attempting to teach myself conversational Italian.

ii. Writing, Right Now

I journal almost every morning and have begun to write one poem per day to return to an old love of mine, poetry, that I’ve left behind in recent years.

With over 500 articles published here, and 6 self-published books since 2011, I’m taking some pressure off of my creative output by taking a break from publishing new blog posts for the time being. I’m also spacing out my occasional newsletter even more than its former every-other-weekly rhythm.

Having created some more space for other writing projects, this summer I am also working on a new book proposal for a nonfiction book about writing (hint hint) as I seek a literary agent for the first time in nearly a decade. Fingers crossed, I hope to sign with an agent and land a publishing deal by early- to mid-2019.

Meanwhile, when I do find my writing rhythm again, I want to return to penning and sharing a wide range of essays, articles, and think-pieces — something I’ve gotten away from when business and marketing are always on the forefront.

iii. Teaching, Right Now

After four years of consistent yoga teaching, I’m currently on sabbatical. I’ve been anticipating this break for about a year, realizing that I started to teach yoga just days after having graduated from my 200-hour yoga teacher training. During my time away from the yoga studio, I intend to reconnect to my practice as a student, and add new physical practices into my weeks (including kettlebell training, functional movement, and more), and deepen my spiritual philosophy and outlook — even beyond the yoga studio.

I currently have no retreats or workshops on my teaching schedule, either, as I narrow my focus to sharing my writing course, Unavoidable Writing, which is the synthesis of 6 years’ worth of creative teachings and 4 years’ worth of yoga teaching.

iv. Business, Right Now

After housing so many different service offerings, teachings and programs under a singular umbrella (this website) since 2009, I’m separating the various arms of my business into separate entities for the remainder of 2018. While most of my life and work revolve around wholeness and self-knowledge, I’ve been craving the idea that I don’t need to have me embedded within everything that I offer business-wise.

I am thereby distinguishing business, earning and service from being so thoroughly entwined with my own personal identity. The new places that you will start to find my service offerings and programs will include:

DaveUrsillo.com — The online home of my personal writing and teachings will house my books, poetry, spiritual teachings and musings on living well, with occasional political essays and human interest stories. In lieu of blog posts, I will share stories and essays in my occasional newsletter, which ialways the best way to stay tuned into what I’m creating and teaching, and sharing weekly articles here on my blog.

UnavoidableWriting.com — The online home of my premier writing program and self-expression incubator, Unavoidable Writing, is now the home of all my teachings on writing, creativity and self-expression. Look here for everything from the self-guided writing course to the “live guided” small group coaching version of Unavoidable Writing, and my long-term one-on-one coaching program that I call Writer’s Group of Two‚Ą†.

StoryShine.com — The new online home of my business storytelling offerings, Story Shine, will now house my one-on-one and business-to-business service offerings, consultations, client profiles and how-to advice for everything from resume revamping to About Me page writing and more.


Last Updated: August 30, 2018