‘How to Claim Your Calling’ Webinar: Bonus Worksheet

Thank you so much for attending the webinar!

Here is your bonus worksheet for attending until the end, which includes:

  • The full slide deck from our webinar for you to download and reference any time in the future!
  • A cheatsheet of all 10 myths that we covered for you to keep an eye on
  • Summaries of the 10 new “replacement” stories that will help you redefine your approach to claiming your calling
  • PLUS 10 BONUS JOURNALING PROMPTS to reflect upon, clarify, and set a new course for claiming your calling!

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Dave Ursillo
Writer, Author & Leadership Coach

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How to Claim Your Calling: Full Slide Deck

Click here to download the FULL slide deck from our webinar!

Cheatsheet: Myths & New Stories to Tell

PLUS 10 Bonus Journaling Prompts to Help You Reflect and Integrate

Below, you’ll find a cheatsheet of all 10 myths we covered in the webinar, plus the new, suggested replacement stories to help you redefine your expectations and reinterpret the typical struggles that most people will encounter on their paths to claiming their callings.

Beneath each myth and new suggested “solution story” is a set of BONUS personal journaling prompts for you to use to break down your own experience of the myth or redefine a struggle you’ve encountered recently.

Happy writing!

Myth #1: “There is one right way to do what I want to do.”

Solution: “There are many paths to the same destination.”

Prompt: “What ‘one right way’ or narrow expectation have I been pursuing? Where did I learn that this was the ‘only’ way to claim my calling? What else could be possible if I let this narrow expectation go?”

Myth #2: “Tasks performed repeatedly over time yield predictable results.”

Solution: “My calling is sacred, and its expression will be unique to me.”

Prompt: “In what ways have I been guilty of ‘industrializing’ my calling? What repeated actions do I perform, hoping to yield certain results, but that leave me feeling disengaged, resentful, or over-worked?” 

Myth #3: “The struggles that I experience are unique to me.”

Solution: “My struggle shows me my precise way forward.”

Prompt: “How is my struggle right now revealing the path of learning, growth, or transcendence that I can take before me? What am I willing to do to get there?” 

Myth #4: “If I believe in it enough, I can manifest it into reality.”

Solution: “My self-belief, -confidence, -esteem exist independent of results or outcomes.”

Prompt: “What are the roots of my self-confidence and self-esteem? What resources my inner knowing and selfhood? What roots me back into myself? What are the foundations of who I am that help me stay steady and secure, no matter what?” 

Myth #5: “Before I begin, I need as much info and as many resources as possible.”

Solution:  “I am as prepared as I need to be to begin a new cycle of learning and growth.”

Prompt: “What is one time or example in which I felt unprepared or underprepared but began, anyway? What did I learn from that experience about being ‘as prepared as possible’? For me, today, how much is truly enough, and what can I trust of myself to figure out as I go?”

Myth #6: “Mindset is everything.”

Solution: “Mindset matters, but is not everything.”

Prompt: “Which of the four elements of Dave’s ‘Claim Your Calling’ approach do I feel needs the most support to help me claim my calling, right now?” (Self-Knowledge, Whole Life Integration, Creativity & Self-Expression, Thought Leadership)

Myth #7: “Doing it all on my own is not only the expectation, but the ideal.”

Solution: “I claim my calling through others, as through myself; for others, as for myself.”

Prompt: “What heavy burdens do I feel like I am carrying all on my own shoulders? Do I resist receiving help, support, and guidance from others? What is the root of that distrust, skepticism, fear, or hesitation? Would I like that feeling to change?”

Myth #8: “I do not have the time that I need to claim my calling.”

Solution: “My choices reflect my priorities — and what I am, or am not, willing to do.”

Prompt: “If my choices become more precious and important the busier I become, in what ways are my limited free choices revealing my priorities? What would I prefer to do with my precious choices to affirm what I truly care the most about?” 

Myth #9: “I need to invest in ‘sure things’ with clear business outcomes.”

Solution: “I invest in what takes me past my starting line, not up to it.”

Prompt: “What pain, fear, uncertainty, or discomfort have I tried to avoid, skip, jump over, or outmaneuver by throwing poor investments at it, in the past? Cite one example. How could you avoid this mistake again, moving forward?”

Myth #10: “If my calling doesn’t do, mean, or give me everything, then it was all for nothing.”

Solution: “One calling begets another.”

Prompt: “Describe a time in your life when following your heart, a dream, a vision, or a calling led you in an unexpected way to another beautiful, thrilling, or fulfilling result. How have you experienced one calling’s pursuit revealing another?”

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Thank you for being here — and for caring.

My friend, we live in a time where those of us who care so much are encouraged to become cynical, jaded, or renunciants of the very special “superpowers” of caring, compassion, vision, intention, and change-making that we possess and feel called to cultivate.

Our world needs more caring, not less.

So, thank you for caring — and please, continue to grow, nurture, and support your caring! 

If I can help you nurture your caring, sustain your caring, and express your caring in the world, please do consider applying for Claim Your Calling.

I would love to welcome you into our small tribe and to work with you in cultivating the road map toward your calling.

Here’s to you,

Dave Ursillo
Writer, Author & Leadership Coach


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NOTE: Selective “scholarship” discounts are available on a sliding scale, as needed, to support social and racial equity, especially for candidates who identify as BIPOC, AAPI, or LGBT+. View sliding scale pricing, how scholarships work, and how easy it is to qualify — no additional proof or applications required.