What I Believe

Fifteen years old on September 11th. White House intern and aspiring presidential speechwriter after college. Depressed and in-crisis by 23. Globe-trotting writer, story guide and yoga teacher today.

When someone hears my story, a common response is, What’s the connection? How did starting out in politics and public service lead you into writing, storytelling and yoga?

For me, the answer is simple: Self-expression is a vessel for self-knowledge, and self-knowledge is the gateway into service.

My early roots in politics were a desire to be a part of positive change in the world. That mission continues today. I teach souls the tools and practices that empower them to know their True Selves. By self-actualizing around their innate gifts, healing-missions and desires to create change in the world, genuine leadership takes hold.

If you really want change the world, you must start within.

I Believe That…

  • Becoming the “best version” of your True Self makes you a leader by example, with or without followers.
  • You are divine by your nature — powerful and perfect, even with flaws and shadow.
  • A whole Universe resides within you.
  • Words are your power; that the stories you hear, tell yourself and share compose the very life you live.

By exploring the deep roots of what makes your Soul tick — your values, wishes, desires, karma, aspirations and suffering — you become more of your True Self.

My mission is to help you become more You, without apology.

By nurturing self-knowledge, you become a natural force of leadership and love in our world.

Making change begins with your words, stories, and actions. These humble origins are how we honor and commit ourselves to making positive connections to the souls around us, every day.

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Stay unapologetically you,