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As filming of RenegadeTV begins this week (now that my spiffy new Flip UltraHD camera and mini tripod have arrived in the mail), I’m putting out an offer and request for t-shirts in support of good causes, nonprofits, and charities to wear during episodes of the video show.

For a limited time, I’ll also wear a t-shirt that promotes your business, website, blog, even your Twitter user name! I mention that this is a limited offer because ultimately, I’d like to have sponsors for individual episodes or entire “seasons” of RenegadeTV.

While I hope to generate some revenue in order to sustain my many websites and all of their related expenses, I’ll still continue to offer to wear any tshirt that supports a good cause, nonprofit or charity, and do so completely free of charge.

What is RenegadeTV?

RenegadeTV is an internet video show that is primarily targeted to Generation Y viewers and is centered around self help, personal excellence and alternative leadership topics, including the espousal of values like selflessness, charity, optimism, et cetera. The premise is that for young Americans to embody these values in what feels like an increasingly cynical world, it’s as if you’d have to be a “renegade.”

So far, I have t-shirts coming in the mail from The Hero Construction Company, Green Beans Coffee, the Rhode Island Blood Center, and Pink Shirt Day, to mention a few. You can be one of them!

What You Can Do

So long as I’m not promoting something unsavory, I’d be happy to sport your tshirt on Renegade TV. All you’ll have to do is ship the t-shirt to me. If you’re interested in having me wear a t-shirt on RenegadeTV in support of your business, website, blog, nonprofit or charitable cause, use the email form on my contact page to send me a message.

What are you waiting for? Email me now and soon you’ll see yourself on RenegadeTV!

Disclaimer: This free promotional opportunity won’t last forever, so act fast; If t-shirts arrive in high volume, I can’t guarantee wearing yours on RenegadeTV but I promise I will do my best; I won’t be able return anything to you; All decisions to wear or not wear your t-shirt are final; If your t-shirt looks particularly amazing on me, well… you’re welcome!

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