the magic of number 18, and how the next 18 days can change your life (and world) forever

Today, I’m very excited to announce the official launch of my newest, latest and greatest project I’m calling, 18in18: lessons from the tao.

18in18 is an 18-day program that teaches you 18 of the most powerful and life-changing lessons from the Tao te Ching, a 2,600 year old text written by ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu.

In the five whole years since I first discovered the book, the Tao te Ching has been monumental for my own growth and self-discovery.

But, that’s the thing — it’s taken me a good five years to really get a strong sense of the cryptic wisdom of Lao Tsu and the lessons he offers on life, leadership, love, power, happiness and more.

Simply put, the Tao te Ching, in 2011, can seem backwards and often very confusing to the modern reader.

Because the Tao te Ching has been so incredible in my own life — not to mention in the development of the Lead Without Followers philosophy — I wanted to create a simple but powerful, guided but comprehensive exploration of the Tao te Ching for new readers who were short on time or intimidated to read the book.

But I also wanted to create something meaningful for those who love the Tao te Ching and wish to push their own self-discovery to a whole new level.

And so, 18in18 was born.

Welcome to 18in18 (Video)

This video above can probably explain the program better than I can :)

Email subscribers, if you can’t see the video click here to pop over to to watch.

Every day for 18 days, you’ll receive by email (1) a powerful quote from the Tao te Ching; (2) a life-changing lesson and explanation of the quote, written by me; (3) an affirmation and journal prompt to encourage you to write your own thoughts and apply the lesson to your life that day.

And, at the end of 18 days you’ll receive every lesson, quote, and journal prompt in an awesome 43-page workbook.

Head over to 18in18 to check it out, and also download your free workbook sample, ’18in18: The Deleted Lesson’.

So, why 18 days?

A free gift for you

There’s simply something special about the number 18: there’s a lot of historical and religious significance to the number, and even in other combinations of the number 1 and 8, whether 18 or 81:

  • 18 is highly revered in the Judaic tradition.
  • In the Bible’s Book of Revelation 1:8, God said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega–the beginning and the end.”
  • There are also 81 chapters in the Tao te Ching.

To me, the number 1 can also simply represent “oneness,” whether it’s oneness in the eternal universe or shared humanity between all human beings.

Also, the number 8 turned on it’s side ∞ is the symbol for “infinity.”

Therefore, combining the numbers 1 and 8 we are invoking the concept of oneness and infinity, alpha and omega, life and the eternal, the individual and limitless possibility.

And, isn’t that what “living from within” is really about?

You, your individual place in this world, and the undeniably limitless possibility that exists for you — every day. Entire lives are changed through single steps and small victories. The world is saved through quiet, unspoken selflessness and strength that you never see, only feel.

With 18in18, you can invoke the greatness that’s already within you, and reap the rewards of radical positive change. I hope you enjoy it.

Flickr photo credit: Leo Reynolds

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