The Radical Effect of The Quiet Leader

What is the intended effect of  The Quiet Leader?

Those who undertake the philosophy behind The Quiet Leader intend to lead their lives by example with the goal of subtly influence those around them who routinely feel their positive, optimistic, and selfless presence — from family and friends, to coworkers, neighbors and even strangers on the street —  to consciously or subconsciously emulate their positive attitude and giving nature.

The intended effect is to influence others to emulate the example set by a quiet leader. Further, the continued effect is that those who begin to behave as the initial quiet leader, then carry the effect to their lives and, subsequently (like the initial quiet leader who influenced them), influence those whom they routinely interact with from day to day.

Why is this effect a “radical” notion?

The reason that the effect of this new interpretation of leadership is so radical is because the influence of The Quiet Leader could, in theory, be forever felt.

The positive energy generated by one’s optimism, charitable behavior, good deeds, and general happiness, encompassed in a philosophy we call  The Quiet Leader could be a forever effect. Positivity — much like its opposite, negatively — possesses a regenerating effect. Both positive and negative energy in the form of human emotion can be widely felt by others and influence their feelings and behavior.

This notion is less one of pseudoscience or metaphysics (though, I suppose, this could be indeed be argued by some), and more one of spiritual and philosophical theory.

(The focus of The Quiet Leader is upon on theory and notion rather than the scientific or physical implications of people’s attitudes, i.e. as in the book The Secret.)

Deeds do wonders

The Quiet Leader places great emphasis on the notion that good deeds influence other good deeds. Smiles influence other smiles. Kindness influences greater kindness. One’s happiness can and will make others happy.

The positive effect of The Quiet Leader is unrestrained by finite, conventional measures of a typical leader’s success and influence like money, title, position or political power. As such, The Quiet Leader can reap a forever and immortal effect – positivity can be manifested in others, and theoretically be passed along indefinitely.

Much like the sprawling branches of a tree, each limb originates from a single trunk, and the tree itself originates from a single seed. The Quiet Leader is that seed. Your quiet leadership is the tree. The goodness you reap, the branches that spread and touch others’ lives.

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