The Unavoidable Collective

When you become a Writer’s Group of Two coaching client or a Self-Storied Life coaching client, you also become a member of The Unavoidable Collective.

The Unavoidable Collective is an exclusive community and collective that unites a small tribe of talented creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, accomplished professionals, and aspiring/published authors for monthly calls hosted and facilitated by Dave Ursillo.

The Collective is limited to only eighteen (18) active members at any one given time.

A private, protected space for those who are developing personal leadership and understand the need to actively practice their thought leadership among others, The Unavoidable Collective features:

  • Creative collaboration sessions like co-working and co-writing time, every month
  • Community witnessing and sharing events like creative salons and readings
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) group question-and-answer sessions with Dave and occasional guests
  • Occasional guest speaker events, live author interviews and much more

In between the private deep dives of one-on-one coaching, which establishes the subtle and powerful inner work to support your growth in business, entrepreneurship and beyond, The Unavoidable Collective brings the inner work out of private space and into a vetted community.

Part of being a thought leader, healer, or change-maker is practicing being in community — and calling one another forth into their most fully realized leadership role.

You’ll actively practice “seeing” others and “being seen” by respectful peers to overcome imposter syndrome, develop experience speaking and sharing your ideas, and build deep and lasting inner resilience in support of your creative or service mission.

To become a member, apply for Writer’s Group of Two coaching or Self-Storied Life coaching.

Membership is exclusive to Writer’s Group of Two and Self-Storied Life clients during the duration of their active coaching container of 6, 9, or 12 months. Limited to 18 active members at any one given time.