Freedom is found where self-knowledge meets self-expression.

I share simple self-awareness practices, mindfulness principles, and daily writing prompts to help you consciously shift your everyday life into the story that you wish to be living. My name is Dave Ursillo, and it’s a pleasure to connect with you. Learn More »


I help clients write their first books, build thought leadership, and tell sensitive stories.

As a writing and creativity coach, I spend my days helping clients write their first books, share particularly personal stories with grace and confidence, and elevate their acts of self-expression to new levels of artistry and service.

From developing your voice to creating a content strategy, mastering storytelling techniques and feeling truly fulfilled by your writing, my clients experience deep personal growth while developing sustainable habits for expanded visibility and value.

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I’m on a mission to help everyone access writing as a pathway for personal power.

My mission is to revolutionize how the entire world perceives, understands, and embraces the art of writing as a gateway into profound self-knowledge.

I believe that personal journaling is one of the most powerful tools for building resilience, emotional intelligence, and the mindfulness we need to create change in our lives.

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It’s time to take ownership of the stories that you have been telling.

The stories that you have been telling — out loud, and in your head — shape and define most of your perceptions in your life.

Are you telling the stories that you want to be living? Consider this your call-to-action. Let today be the first of many new opportunities to curate, craft, and put power into the stories that you want to be telling.

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