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I coach, support, and guide the creative self-expression of professional helpers, budding thought leaders, and conscientious creatives through a holistic, client-centered approach—informed by psychology and 13+ years of experience publishing words on the Internet.


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Story—yours, mine, ours—is my priority.

Live the Story You Want to Be Telling

As a writing coach and creative guide, I spend my days helping clients step into the full light of their personal leadership and service callings by evolving their small businesses, developing their writing or leadership identities, strategizing how to write their first books, or amplify the impact of their authentic voices.

How We Got Here

The words we choose and the stories that we tell shape a large part of what our future becomes: collectively, as a community, and individually, as souls.

When I realized that I was not living the story I wanted to be telling, I took drastic action. Ever since quitting my career path in politics and public service in 2009, I’ve published 5 books, traveled the world, taught classes and workshops to over 5,000 students, and worked with over 300 creative entrepreneurs on their paths of self-realization.

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The art of storytelling in the digital age is shifting more rapidly and dramatically than ever before.

Let me show you what most so-called storytelling “experts” are missing in the modern story landscape—and, how to protect yourself from common story missteps, communication mistakes, and the culturally-insensitive presumptions that are rife in modern self-help culture.

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Testimonials & PRAISE

"Dave is a revolution—of thinking, writing, loving, living. His poetic wisdom is intoxicating. His ability to dance between raw vulnerability and profound strength is captivating. Within moments of meeting him, I was already a better writer and thinker. He inspires me to ask questions that matter, and to write with purpose."

— Gemma Stone, Author & Clinical Psychologist

"After a 2.5-year sabbatical, I needed a guide, coach, teacher and support to help me get back on track with my writing. I can honestly say Dave helped me with just that and so much more. I grew leaps and bounds, not just as a writer, but as a person."

— Dr. Carrie Contey, Writer & Clinical Psychologist

"Dave is a compassionate and genuine leader–wholeheartedly involved, communicating with vulnerability and presence. Through words, he is able to powerfully connect with others and his dedication and love for the community that has gathered around him are etched in his actions."

Caroline Rubenstein, Author & Clinical Psychologist

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