Lead Without Followers

You may not call yourself “a leader,” but I do. I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs, small biz owners, healer-teachers, coaches and professionals emerge in the full light of their leadership. It’s time we take back the meaning of leadership for what it really is: a quality of the heart, not qualified by followers.


I Help Healers, Creatives, Change-Makers, and Service-Minded Professionals Live Their Leadership.

Our world is desperate for a new kind of leadership, but it will not come from the top, down. It will rise from the bottom, up.

As a leadership coach and creative guide, I spend my days helping coaching clients step into the fuller light of their leadership as they write first books, build heart-centered businesses, and amplify the depth and impact of their authentic voices.

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The Words We Choose (and the Stories That They Tell) Matter.

Easy as it may be to take our words for granted today, the stories that they tell determine what our future will become — collectively as people, and individually as souls.

When I realized that I was not living the story I wanted to be telling, I took drastic action. Ever since quitting my career path in politics and public service in 2009, I’ve published 5 books, traveled the world, taught classes and workshops to over 5,000 students, and worked with over 300 creative entrepreneurs on their paths of self-realization.

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If You Want to Lead, Start Within.

Leadership is a quality of the heart; not qualified by followers, wealth, or status. To lead, we must start within. The very stories that you share with others, and tell yourself, are ripe with potential for answering your leadership calling.

That’s why I created my free 3-Day Story Reset, a  3-day micro-journaling program that helps you clarify, understand, and reset the “story” that you’ve been living lately. Start living the story you want to be telling.

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