Welcome, I’m Dave Ursillo.

Becoming more of your whole true Self is the essential ingredient for living an artful and purposeful life. I’m a healer, teacher and writer whose life revolves around creating containers for transformation. Join my journey for self-knowledge through self-expression. Learn More…

Live Your Leadership.

After September 11, 2001, I wanted to be a part of positive change in the world. So I sought a career path in public service.

But, disillusioned to the system and feeling held back, by 2009 I had quit my job and committed to sharing words and lessons with the world, one soul at a time.

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Change the World? Start Within.

From weekly blog posts to books, workshops to destination retreats, online programs and local yoga classes, I teach writing, creativity, storytelling and yoga to help souls access their inner wisdom.

I believe that your inner truth is all you require to live a brilliant life of meaning, while making the world a better place.

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I want to show you how living your unapologetic life is the gateway to purpose, personal leadership, and leaving a legacy of love in your wake.

My bi-weekly newsletter is hand-crafted for over 1,500 of my most loyal readers. Together, we pull apart big ideals and start to put them into heartfelt action.

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Prioritize Your Inner World, and the Outer World Will Follow

Our words and stories, paired conscientiously with self-inquiry and a willingness to become more of our whole and true selves, unlocks the mysterious code that is shouting to each of us to listen, and heed, and respond.

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If you are called to The Creative… listen.

Even when it seems to defy logic, reason, or rationality it’s only by listening to the calling of The Creative that we may begin to harmonize our inner world with our outer world.

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Your Attention Has Been Commodified (+ What To Do About It)

Online advertising is a multi-billion dollar business. Google and Facebook are tracking our actions and trying to predict our behaviors. More and more, advertisers are manipulating our emotions. The solution? Practice valuing your own attention more than they do.

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