Equitable, Ethical, Remarkable Care.

I’m Dave Ursillo, a dedicated Mental Health Counselor (MA, LPCA) seeking full-time clinical work in a client-centered private practice in Connecticut to continue my long, devoted track record of service to others.

Dave Ursillo, Jr., MA, LPCA

Mental Health Counselor. Occasional life coach. Lifelong writer. Former yoga teacher. Lover of stories, culture, travel, art, and good coffee.




Welcome. I’m Dave Ursillo.

I believe that equitable, ethical, and remarkable care is the minimum standard for all clinical mental health counseling.

This is what I intend to bring to your practice.

I am a Master of Arts (MA) of Holistic Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, and a Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA) in the State of Connecticut. 

Today, I seek a clinical position in a growth-oriented, cross-culturally-aware, client-focused practice to continue my long track record of service to others.

What makes me a uniquely qualified candidate is that I bring more than 15 years of experience as a life and career coach, writing and self-expression coach, former yoga teacher, workshops and retreats leader, and published writer and 5-time author to my experiences as a Mental Health Counselor. My entire life has been centered on being of service and working to support the wellness and wholeness of others.

With a long track record of success as a self-employed business person, I am highly self-sufficient, self-motivated, and growth-oriented. Personal and professional development are central to my core identity.

My core values of integrity, excellence, commitment to others, and service shine through my professional experiences, resume, letters of recommendation, and professional references.

Theoretical Orientations

Person-Centered Therapy (Rogerian)

Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Clinical Experience

Over the past academic year, I’ve excelled in all tasks, roles, and obligations as a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut—a robust, fast-paced, interdisciplinary setting where I learned how to provide exceptional, identity-focused care to clients.

Guided by attentive listening, empathic reflection, accurate summarizing, and strong communication skills, I have demonstrated strong proficiencies in:

• Individual Counseling
• Group Process Counseling
• Intake Assessment
• DSM-5-TR Clinical Diagnosis
• Treatment Planning
• Risk Assessment
• Clinical Record-Keeping
• Case Presentations
• Interdisciplinary Health Team Coordination of Care
• Client Advocacy
• Cross-Cultural Humility
• Trauma-Informed Care
• Strong Therapeutic Alliances
• Empathic Confrontation & Challenging

Trained in a traditional medical model approach, my holistic studies in mental health at Salve Regina University have placed me in an advanced position to navigate all matters of ethical, legal, and client-centered approaches to wellness.

Previous Experiences

Before entering the field of mental health, I worked a variety of service-oriented professional roles as a small business owner and entrepreneur, including as a life coach, writing and story coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, professional writer, registered yoga teacher (RYT-200, YACEP), and copywriting marketer.

Throughout this time, I supported the personal growth, self-discovery, and wellness goals of more than 300 clients over thousands of dedicated hours of one-on-one work.

I also taught thousands of students in yoga classes, writing workshops, and destination retreats across four continents.

Since 2009, my narrative-based writing and storytelling have been read by hundreds of thousands of readers from over 160 countries.

Today, as a Mental Health Counselor, my supervisors and colleagues agree that these non-clinical experiences have supported rapid development and advanced proficiencies at a higher level of clinical ability than they would otherwise expect of first-time clinicians.

Combined with my empathetic and attentive disposition, commitment to lifelong learning, and eagerness to support emerging adults in their growth and development, I am a strong candidate to support the mission of your organization in the service of clients.

My Therapeutic Process

Evaluate & Untangle

Comprehensive, informed intake evaluation and assessment. Honor identity and culture. Explore goals and focus of treatment.

Co-Create Stability

Establish an equitable therapeutic alliance based in trust, openness, and empathic rapport. Co-create a client-guided sense of stability.

Develop in Wellness

Support the client’s unique personal and cultural values, burgeoning self-identity, and evolving senses of wholeness and wellness.

"Dave is an incredible listener and a highly skilled—and even magical—guide..."

Jhana Senxian
Former Coaching Client, via LinkedIn

"My only question is why did I wait so long to get [Dave's] help."

J.H. Edward
Former Coaching Client, via LinkedIn

"He was insightful and both a good interviewer and good listener, helping me see the evolution of my own story."

R. Holland
Former Coaching Client, via LinkedIn