Welcome, I’m Dave Ursillo.

I believe that self-expression is the source of our personal power; that self-knowledge transforms us into leaders by example in today’s world. I’m here to help you express your life in the ways your soul desires. Learn More »


Lead Without Followers

I’m a professional writer, author and self-employed creative entrepreneur whose journey began half of a lifetime ago as a politically-minded student in the post-9/11 era.

I dreamed of becoming a presidential speechwriter and having words recorded in history books. Falling jaded and cynical to the partisan world of politics along the way, I quit my job, abandoned my career path, and started this blog to live my leadership from the inside-out, instead.

More than a decade later, I now guide self-starters and agents of positive change to use their words as vessels of leadership in our world.

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Unavoid Your Writing

For more than 7 years, I’ve found myself in a role of teaching, coaching and supporting fellow writers, freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs who struggle to get out of their own way on their creative journeys. My system for holistic self-expression, Unavoidable Writing, was born.

Ever since, I’ve worked with more than 400 writing clients as a coach and guide, while teaching over 4,000 students in workshops, conferences, yoga classes, and retreats across 4 continents.

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Let’s Be Pen-Pals

I share essays and stories through a very occasional, very unobtrusive, reader-loved newsletter that shows up in your inbox once every few weeks. It’s something you can actually look forward to reading.

Spanning lighthearted reflections, a diary of international travels, human condition stories, and unpublished articles on mindfulness and everyday spirituality, you’ll also receive exclusive insider offers on working with me and invitations to upcoming events.

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Most Recent Articles

“Did You Mean to Invite Me to This White House Reunion Party?”

In 2008, I was an intern at an office of the White House called the Council on Environmental Quality. 11 years later, a reunion invitation arrived in my inbox.

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Maybe Don’t Take the ‘Law of Attraction’ So Literally. A Story About the Words We Use.

It’s one thing to believe that the words we use carry power. It’s another to act like each and every word you use turns the Universe into a sort of spiritual Venmo by immediately delivering that word to you, post-haste.

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100 Days Unbored: What I Learned By Challenging Myself to Try 1 New Thing Every Day

Since childhood, I’ve complained about boredom. So I challenged myself to do one new, non-routine, non-habitual, unfamiliar thing every day for 100 days.

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