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As a writer, multi-published author and writing coach, I help creatives live the story that they want to be telling. I share self-inquiry practices, stories, and journaling prompts to help you express your soul in today’s world. To begin, sign up below to get my FREE 10-Day Self-Storied Mini-Course Challenge:


I help clients write their first books, build thought leadership, and tell sensitive stories.

As a writing and creativity coach, I spend my days helping clients write their first books, share particularly personal stories with grace and confidence, and elevate their acts of self-expression to new levels of artistry and service.

From developing your voice to creating a content strategy, mastering storytelling techniques and feeling truly fulfilled by your writing, my clients experience deep personal growth while developing sustainable habits for expanded visibility and value.

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I’m on a mission to help the world access self-expression as a pathway of self-knowledge — and social change.

My mission is to revolutionize how the world perceives, understands, and embraces the arts of writing and self-expression as gateways into profound self-knowledge.

I believe that personal journaling is one of the most powerful tools for building resilience, emotional intelligence, and the mindfulness we need to create change in our lives.

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It’s time to start telling the story that you want to be living.

The stories that you have been telling — out loud, and in your head — shape and define most of your perceptions in your life.

Are you telling the stories that you want to be living? Consider this your call-to-action. Let today be the first of many new opportunities to curate, craft, and put power into the stories that you want to be telling.

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