11 Poems + Untold Lessons from My Book, God Whispers on the Wind

I believe that your spirituality deserves to be raw, real, and wildly unrefined.

Not “boxed in” or “closed off.” Never strictly defined by anyone else — never completely “definable” at all, really.

Spirituality is meant to bring some bit of understanding to us that we are all bound to one another — some cognizance to the invisible threads laced between every living thing and even beyond that, to forces far greater than ourselves.

Timeless. Eternal. Permeating and ever-present.

And, I believe that when we default our personal choice and decision-making to “what we’re told to believe” by any strict spiritual or religious ideology, we are unconsciously sacrificing part of our innate and unconquerable inner power:

The God-given ability to see beyond the boundaries, to love across dividing lines, to feel Oneness through the multitudes and to see ourselves in millions of other human lives.

And yet, religion remains a source of raging global conflicts.

War. Death. Debate and divide.

Displacement and segregation.

Political and ideological division, even in the United States.

But we can only begin to heal our world and all its problems by healing ourselves, first — from the inside, out.

That’s why I wrote God Whispers on the Wind, a special collection of 81 empowering poems that will open your eyes and your heart to what we’re connected to around us.

The beautifully designed paperback of God Whispers on the Wind contains 81 empowering chapters of poems and verses — including contributions from 7 author-entrepreneurs around the globe — and shares dozens of untold lessons that I’ve learned in my travels and while living in New York City over the last year.

Life. Light. Love. God. The power within us. Our power to choose.

Healing our world from the inside out.

You’ll find untold lessons on these important ideas and more throughout God Whispers, channeled through personal stories and powerful tales that I lived in the Big Apple — and through which, I believe, you will discover more of yourself.

Today, I’m sharing 11 more powerful poems from God Whispers on the Wind with you.

I hope you enjoy them:

Poem #1 - Amongst the Maze
Poem #2 - You Do Something Tragic
Poem #3 - Three Happy Bloodhounds
Poem #4 - The Symphony
Poem #5 - Unholy
Poem #6 - Brilliant Tapestries
Poem #7 - This Damp Black Pile
Poem #8 - Those Daring Cattle
Poem #9 - Dear Sir
Poem #10 - Poor Ghosts
Poem #11 - Splash Me

Thank you, as always.

And ’til next time, keep shining.

P.S. – Purchase God Whispers on the Wind here.

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