We’re under two weeks until Lead Without Followers is released!

Talk about how crazy (in a good way) self-publishing is nowadays — you can write your book as quickly as you wish (for me, it was about 84 days), have it totally edited a few days later and then, as mine is right now, currently being worked on by my layout designer before it goes to print.

The usual publication process can take two or three years.

The Lead Without Followers experience will be about a 3-month ordeal. Craziness, I tell ya!!

Right now, I’m finishing an Advance Materials packet full of quotes and information on the book for friends, bloggers and others who I’ll be asking for help with promotion and spreading the word of the book.

If you have a blog or online outlet that you think would enjoy hearing about Lead Without Followers, email me with a request for the Advance Materials!

As things continue to progress quickly and furiously on my end, I present to you a tease of the book with 13 powerful reader-benefits that you will learn from reading Lead Without Followers — due out September 26, 2011! :)

13 Things You’ll Learn from Lead Without Followers

1. Why Lead Without Followers is, in a lot of ways, less about “leadership” and more about becoming “more human.”

2. How, and in what ways, it’s actually possible for the meaning of leadership to change, evolve, regress or become “lost.”

3. How leadership originates within and why it is an intrinsically human and soulful quality that can be embodied by any human being, simply because he or she is human.

4. How the beginning of today’s problems with our elected leaders — namely, the remarkable deficit of trust between “We, the People” and our political leaders — began with “The End of History” at the conclusion of the Cold War.

5. Why radically redefining the meaning of “leadership” not only affects you directly, but how your doing so can actually help you discover a renewed sense of purpose, meaning and happiness –and further save our way of life, freedom itself, and our world.

6. How, by completely abandoning the political world and escaping every conventional definition of “leadership,” frees you from our collective disillusionments with modern leaders and empowers us to reclaim the name of “leaders” for ourselves.

7. How some of the most cutting-edge scientific and psychiatric studies are proving that the cornerstones of the Lead Without Followers alternative leadership philosophy — including selfless giving, cultivating compassion and empathy, and simply having hope — can increase physical well-being and vitality, mental health and an internal emotional resilience to life’s hardships.

8. How to discover a lasting source of inner leadership through gratitude; how to attain thankfulness through forgiveness; and how gratefulness instills a natural and unremitting “want” within to give to others.

9. How by leading without followers is to be liberated from the artificial career paths constructed by a status quo infatuated with titles and labels and the comfortable constraints of order and conformity.

10. How becoming a leader without followers embodies the purest, most humble and yet longest-lasting form of human leadership that exists.

11. What you learn as an unpaid White House intern during some of the most tumultuous and partisan months in our nation’s history.

12. How by leading “without followers” you harness the unique power of leadership: a reciprocation that benefits both yourself and others, and not only maximizes your effectiveness as a leader but best ensures your long-term success.

13. How to lead without followers is to sow an immeasurable and theoretically limitless positive effect upon the entirety of the human species—an effect that can resonate in others throughout time and history.