Storytelling is all abuzz in the business world nowadays. A few years ago, it was “personal branding.” In another few years? It will probably be something different.

When you hear “story” or “storytelling” in regard to business, branding, or doing the work you love, here’s what you need to know:

At its core, storytelling is as old as humanity itself.

Because stories are the ways we inherently construct understanding, communicate meaning, and invite togetherness.

Storytelling is the root of all human survival, and our abilities to tell collective stories of what we desire as a human people is what makes the possibility an actual reality.

On a personal level, the ability to communicate the heart of who you are, what you do, and why you do it is increasingly valuable in a time of rapidly changing careers and industries. How you communicate the real, authentic narrative of your beliefs and goals as a professional is more valuable than perhaps anything else in the modern age.

Story Shine is my premier professional writing and coaching service.

In my Story Shine service, I act as a creative catalyst and compassion-conduit to help professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, coaches, yoga teachers and beyond finally start to cohesively and convincingly articulate their path of personal leadership and trust-based service into written narratives that they can spread across their online presence.

I’m the interviewer, coach and writer of the authentic story you’ve long been working so hard to embody in the world.

And, it was born of friends and peers in the digital space asking me, a writer whom they knew and trusted, to help retool their personal experiences into professional narratives that would invite readers and website visitors to become paying customers and clients.

In the five years since I began coaching Shine Shine clients and creating authentic, transparent, highly professional narratives, I’ve helped dozens of heart-centered entrepreneurs spread their missions of service, change and purpose in the world.

But who, precisely, becomes a Story Shine client? And why?

This short list of miniature client profiles below will give you the perfect idea.

These are real examples of men and women who range in age from mid-twenties to late-fifties, and come from backgrounds including web design, corporate, business leadership, health and wellness, finance, scientific instruments, and even incarceration.

Who becomes a Story Shine client? Here are 19 examples.

A formerly incarcerated New Yorker turned entrepreneur, personal trainer, speaker and activist who turned his story of struggle into one of service. His fitness company, ConBody, hustles prison-style bootcamps and wellness programs in New York City’s Lower East Side, and employs formerly incarcerated personal trainers to break stigma and work toward solving a major modern social issue.

A Boston-based urban revitalization nonprofit whose community development work flips traditional models upside down, and whose story required bold and precise language to communicate their shamanic, alchemical, and love-based transformation processes.

A former CEO of a fourth-generation, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper publisher who came out of retirement to coach owners of family businesses on how to navigate changing business landscapes while surviving complex family business dynamics.

A corporate escapee based in Toronto, Canada, who turned her passion for etiquette and communication into a coaching service on the ancient art of Chinese Face Reading (CFR).

A commercial loan underwriter whose work helps finance the biggest food harvesting industries in California, who wanted to turn her expertise, beliefs and commitment to her career path into a memorable narrative. Immediately after our work together, she told me,

“Recruiters have been contacting me nonstop on LinkedIn. I start a new job on Monday because of you!”

An Australian speaker, storyteller and branding wiz (with the world’s biggest affinity for Bruce Springsteen) who, even with prowess in the art of communicating story, needed a helping hand to frame his personal story of overcoming depression, losing a daughter in childbirth, and being an incredible single dad to 3 kids.

A public servant in Canada whose job as the CEO of her family-run newspaper (which had just been bought out by a corporate conglomerate) recognized that she was on the precipice of a daunting career evolution at a later stage in life.

An Oakland-based scientist and PhD turned product developer of specialized in liquid-handling devices (used everyday in laboratories by scientists and researchers the world over) who was ready to highlight his expertise and value to transition into a new job in Orange County, California.

An environmental activist, documentary maker and consultant who helps corporate brands become more conscious in their marketing and global outreach, this Atlanta-based client needed support to communicate the value of his company’s high-level conversations on sustainability and social change.

A Toronto-based sexual heath teacher and student adviser turned speaker and coach who was on the edge of a big move to California to kick off her new business as a self-employed entrepreneur.

A young professional from Spain, living in the U.S., who needed a cohesive narrative to convey her depth of desire to use her multilingual skills and passion for teaching to land a new job as a translator — even though she was trained for a career in finance.

A single mother of two from Texas who was returning to the workforce after a decade of raising her children, full-time, and needed to communicate a authentic story to bridge the gap between her prior career as an office administrator and the present.

A health coach living in the Netherlands who overcame a personal history of eating disorders to go on to a mission of helping women throughout Europe reclaim healthful relationships to food and personal wellness.

The founder of a web design company for one of the top 3 firms in Rio de Janiero in Brazil who needed a native English speaking storytelling to help craft the business narrative for his firm’s new Florida-based division.

A Canadian yoga teacher and wellness coach who knew she needed to update her About Me and Services page because they were, in her words, “just sad.” Story Shine helped her recognize who the very clients were that she had been striving to reach, all along.

A California-based authenticity coach whose work helps young women stop people-pleasing tendencies so they can start to live more truthfully to their inner code and desires.

An English podcast host and audio producer whose About Me pages needed updating. For him, Story Shine delivered some remarkable personal discoveries around how bringing voices to life has always been his truest passion since childhood, even though he had never fully recognized it.

A self-described WordPress guru and web designer based out of the United Kingdom who helps homemakers develop side-hustles to share their gifts and better provide for their families.

A health coach and raw foods advocate in England who wanted to share his lifelong story arc as a young, unhealthy and heavily drinking lad (who overcame a dangerous heart issue that threatened his life) who became a wellness coach and marathon runner.

Can you see yourself on this list?

Check out my Story Shine service offerings today.

I’d love to help you articulate the full scope, range and passion of your work, mission, and purpose.