Can you believe it?

Lead Without Followers will officially be released to the world in just 1 week!

I’m psyched… and nauseous… and in need of a vacation.

I’ll be busy all week with interviews and other promotional business leading into the launch, but since I’m getting so many requests from you all, here are the top ways that you can get involved and help out in the last 7 days until book launch!

1. Lead Without Followers Global Book-Launch Party (Free Video-Seminar)

On the night of the launch (September 26), I’ll be hosting a free video-seminar launch party! You can join us live by video or hang out in the chat room, conveniently located right here on

I’ll be discussing the book and the book-writing process, having special guests chiming in live and by video, fielding your questions and much more!

  • And don’t forget to “Like” the new Lead Without Followers Page here:

2. Download a Free Chapter of Lead Without Followers!

I’m offering a free download of the complete introduction and first chapter of Lead Without Followers for you to get a deep sense for how the book reads and feels!

  • You can download it here:

3. Tell 1 Friend About the Book (Send the Free Chapter!)

You know how a lot of people expect you to act like their products are YOUR OWN and want you to promote it endlessly as if the entire world depended on it?

I’d be humbled and eternally grateful if you reached out to just one person who you think would resonate with the messages in Lead Without Followers. Just one.

  • Why not send them the free first chapter?

4. Visit the New Press+Media Page / Download the Advance Materials Kit

I’m almost done putting together a brand new Press+Media page.

I got rid of the lists of guest blog posts and other press mentions, and replaced them with all that you could ever need to help promote the book on your own blog!

There are sample interview questions, product and author images and so on — all conveniently located in one place so you can grab-and-go!

  • Download the Advance Materials kit if you want the insider edge on how to help promote the book, here:

5. Special 10-Minute Interviews Offer

For the next week, I’m offering to give you a ten-minute video interview on anything related to leadership or what we discuss here on the blog. I’ll record our short discussion and email it to you and you can post on your blog for the launch on September 26.

  • Email or tweet me, we’ll set up a time to chat. Ask me anything!

6. Become a Lead Without Followers Affiliate = Earn Cash

Lead Without Followers isn’t about the money for me. And I wouldn’t ask you to help promote my stuff if you weren’t benefiting from it in some way.

So, as a thank you for your help, I’m inviting you to sign up as an Affiliate for Lead Without Followers — and every time you make a sale, you earn 60% of the profits.

  • How does it work? Check out the new Become an Affiliate page!

7. Book-Tour Fundraiser on IndieGoGo

Last night, I opened up a fundraising page on IndieGoGo for the Lead Without Followers Book Tour!

What is IndieGoGo, and why?

  • IndieGoGo is an open and transparent fundraising facilitator (like Kickstarter)
  • When you donate money to the cause, you get stuff like the actual book, a postcard from me while on the road, and much more!
  • You can donate safely and securely, and help promote the cause easily.

My goal is to raise at least $3500, but hopefully up to $5000, so that I can stretch the book tour up to 24 cities!

Clearly, I’ll need your help with all of this, my friends.

Let me know what more I can do for you or provide you with. And beyond all else, let me know how I can help you in your own ventures and projects.

I really deeply appreciate your help and support — and look forward to not only the book finally being released, but getting back into more simply and pure writing for you (and a bit of relaxation)! :)