Someday not too long ago, you sat down with one devout intention: to write.

Finally. At last. Once and for all.

“This is when it all begins,” you said.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of writing a book since you were a child. Maybe you used to keep a journal years ago, but got away from it. There used to be a pressing need–an uncontrollable desire to create. But life interrupted. Old habits fell by the wayside. You lost track of time. New responsibilities cropped up. You had to tell your creative dreams and writerly wishes, “You’ll have to wait for now.”

But today, that changes.

There you sit, armed with a mug of hand-pressed java by your side.

Don’t you remember the feeling of “lightness” that you felt after pouring those thoughts and ideas onto the page? The cathartic cleanse of self-exploring without judgment? It was your spark. Your passion. It was invigorating–it made you feel truly alive. And though this passion of writing was manifested without a whisper of fanfare or attention, you found it profoundly empowering.

Writing made you feel whole.

It still calls to you, that feeling. The passion, the allure, the desire still glimmers like a star in the night sky–reminding you, waiting for you.

You pull your laptop a bit closer and rest your fingers against the cool keys. You flip open to a brand new page of empty space–raw potential awaits your command. You take your black Pilot G2 .05mm pen into your hand, roll it between your fingers, and exhale.

And as you look out from your favorite window-with-a-view, you clear your mind, you open your heart, and you prepare to pour…

Here it is. 

Here I go.


Ready? Set.

…What am I doing?

What am I going to write? Do I really have the time for this? What’s the point–I’m never going to finish this anyways. Why do I bother? It’s not like what I write will be any good. No one’s ever going to read this. Besides, I’m not a “real” writer. Why do I do this to myself?

All of a sudden, everything changes.

Your good, honest, go-getter ambition evaporates into a feeling of emptiness. A simple want to self-express sinks into a sensation of self-doubt. Bubbling creative desires slip out of the grasp of your beating heart and fall into your hollow, aching belly. You feel like a failure.

A failure, before you even started.

What would it feel like if–in these sudden moments of paralyzing doubt and loneliness–you could escape the downward spiral of negativity and, in two clicks, find safe haven in a united community of bright, supportive, and kind creative peers?

What if, when these unpredictable storms of writer’s block sweep over the horizon and “artistic struggle” rains upon your creative ambitions, you could side-step the clouds, escape the rain and take cover in a fortified shelter of devoted writerly intentions?

How would it feel to tell your inner “woe is me” artist that she’s dismissed for the day?

How much encouragement would you find from tapping a source of positive energy, community support and inspiring curriculum so that you would never again feel like you were “all on your own” as you embark upon your unpredictable creative journey?

I’m on a lifelong mission to change how writers of the world experience their creative journeys. Art may be a struggle, but the struggle is our teacher. The journey may be long, but the journey is our greatest reward.

Today, The Literati Writers, my premier writers’ group and creative support system, has reopened its doors for the first time since June 2013.

I’m inviting you to make 2014 your best and most nourishing creative year yet by becoming one of just 20 new members of The Literati Writers. Take true ownership of your writing passions once again–and once and for all:

When: Today through Monday, February 17, 2014


Pull Up Your Seat


As a Literati Writer, you will…

:: Spend the next three months exploring, experimenting and building your own personal set of creative tools, habits and skills.

No matter your responsibilities, time commitments or schedule, this writers’ group is designed to fit to your schedule so that your life can keep going on without missing a beat. How? We surround you with learning opportunities, a smart weekly curriculum and the occasional special event, group call or creative project–without taking up all of your time, suffocating your space or burying your budget.

:: Be welcomed with open arms by a supportive community of peers who understand that writing demands time, energy and investment.

This writers’ group is designed for writers like you. We’re homemakers and post-grads, freelancers and art-dabblers, bloggers and those who just want to explore their creative side. You don’t have to be a “professional” writer or credentialed in any way. You don’t need to be a blogger, author or an entrepreneur. There are no requirements to join our community, except for being committed to yourself.

:: Commit to your passion of writing by spending just one quarter of this year in the right head-space and heart-focus so that you can finally understand your creative wants, needs and desires.

Small commitments add up. The Literati Writers is a support system that you can tap into no matter your time commitments, responsibilities or schedule–all for just $2.50 per day.


How does this online writers’ group work?

:: Receive a brand new writing prompt in your inbox every single week.

Every Sunday morning, you receive a unique writing prompt in your inbox. What’s a writing prompt? It’s a creative exercise, a word game, an ad lib, a worksheet or creativity lesson that serves as your chance to sit down and do something creative for yourself every week. Open it for a dose of inspiration or as your own weekly reminder to write–on your own schedule.

:: Melt into your computer chair while engrossed in meaningful discussions and creative dialogue.

Our private Facebook Group is a safe space where you’ll never be judged, criticized or called-out–only encouraged. Share your latest blog post. Ask for constructive feedback on a new idea. Assemble a group of test-readers to help you pre-launch your new book. Gain the community support from a diverse group of like-minded peers who want you to see you succeed.

:: Dial-in to a “Live Author Interview” every month with an esteemed guest who we quiz on writing techniques, habits, skills and strategies–and you get to ask your own questions, live on the line.

A truly priceless feature that has included best-selling authors, serial entrepreneurs, workshop leaders and writing teachers. You’ll also receive remastered audio recordings to download for future listening, plus a beautiful .PDF transcript to read later. And, gain instant access to our 20-hour archive of interviews, workshops and events.


You’ll fall in love with…

:: A base level of support and understanding from your peers–you don’t have to defend or explain yourself anymore.

With all the energy that you used to spend explaining your creative desires or artistic whims, you can start pouring that time and energy into your creative work. It’ll feel invigorating. Momentous. Magical.

:: A 1-hour welcoming call and personal diagnostic session with Dave Ursillo ($155 value)

Instantly benefit from the insights and reframing prowess that Dave is known for. Discover your place upon your creative journey with refreshing clarity and laser focus.

:: Make our platform your own by blogging for

Just starting out? Don’t want to bother creating your own website? No problem. Our platform is your platform. You can write under our community’s banner, and share your words with the world.

:: The famous Three Coins Worksheet ($27 value)

This beloved meditation-based, instant-clarity exercise will help you discover your three biggest creative priorities for the year ahead.

:: Our 800+ megabyte “Igniting Your Writing” Content Package ($100 value)

This instant-download is completely packed with inspiration and advice, spanning over 20 hours of interviews and a dozen worksheets and workbooks.

:: A special welcoming package in the mail (yes, real mail, not email).

A welcoming gift and special hello direct from the writing desk of Dave Ursillo to your home mailbox.  

Someday not too long ago, you sat down to write.

That desire was derailed. Your calling was sidestepped. Your passion was dismissed. Forgotten. Your wholeness was left behind.

But someday soon, you’ll want your writing to be there for you.

You’ll crave the feeling of “lightness” that you felt after pouring thoughts and ideas onto the page. You’ll yearn for the cathartic cleanse of self-exploring without judgment. You’ll look at your kids and wonder what legacy of love you’re crafting for them–you’ll turn off the news with disgust and remember how you once wished to share some source of love, kindness, compassion and inspiration with the world.

You deserve that spark.

You deserve that passion and invigoration–to feel truly alive, empowered, whole.

The Literati Writers exists to help you see it through.


Pull up your seat.

Prepare your tea. Press that morning java.

Sit with our community for just 3 months this 2014 and invest in the creative journey that you deserve–for just $225.

I am a Literati Writer »

The first seat in our new class of Literati Writers has already been swooped up. Become one of the next 20 writers to call The Literati Writers home. More than 80 writers from 7 countries have since 2012. 

Raving Reviews from Literati Writers…

jeanpI believe that Dave is not fully aware of his magic, because he’s genuinely just there with you. He just ‘is.’ And over the past year, I’ve grown to respect him deeply as a creative professional, a coach, but most importantly, a friend. I’m not entirely sure where he’s pulled this depth and wisdom from, how he has found a way to so easily relate to all the jagged and disparate parts of my life, but he does it with such ease and confidence. I’m free to be unapologetic and dig deep into my layers.”Jean Powell, Literati Writer and Director of Sales at Taphandles

jasonvOne of the greatest decisions I’ve made has been to connect with Dave Ursillo. He has quickly become a role model in the ways that he lives a life of self-reliance, authenticity, honesty, and openness. I really appreciate him and all that he does—including beyond The Literati Writers. The world really needs more Dave Ursillos walkin’ around. There’d be high-fiving on every corner.”Jason Vanfosson, Literati Writer and Instructor at Western Michigan University

sarahnThere stands Dave Ursillo, a different kind of leader: a humble, genuine and generous one. He consistently engages with his community in a way that boggles my mind. Dave’s gentle way of pushing the creative envelope is just one of the reasons why I listen to what he has to say. I plan to swim in his circle for as long as I can, because his leadership is dynamite.”Sarah Nicotra Hutchison, Literati Writer and Founder of Spiritual Momma

joecDave is hell-bent on helping you–no matter what. He takes the time to truly get to know you as a person, which is rare in this day and age of people merely trying to increase list numbers, followers, and likes. He takes the time to know your interests, goals and aspirations on a deep level. And because he does this, he can either help you, or he can to connect you to others who may be able to help you. When you’re around Dave, things just seem to fall in place and happen.”Joseph Choi, Literati Writer, Author and Copywriter

mattc“This group has had such a positive impact on me, and I can’t thank Dave and The Literati Writers enough for that. Not only has my writing gotten better, but I feel like I have evolved as a person as well. Dave and the folks in the group have widened my perspective from a writing, mental, and spiritual perspective. And, I am forever grateful for that.”Matt from Chicago, Illinois

amyo“Simply being around The Literati Writers has given me so much more than anything else in the past eight months–I finally feel like I’m on the right track. Thank you for bringing awesome people together and creating such a supportive community.”Amy from Portland, Oregon