Action without thought is quick to start and sudden to fizzle.

A wave needs time to build — and must first beckon its own waters into regression — before it can gather to crash onto shore.

Thought without action is a tragic failure to manifest what from beyond is calling to you.

What calls to you, calls to you. You can never know why. But when you listen, the path reveals itself.

The path is not revealed in pure clarity. There is not just one hurdle to leap. What calls to you may result in failure — even a multitude of times over! Your choices might have consequences.

But it calls nevertheless.

And with good reason:

A failure is never an end; it is always a new beginning — and new beginnings are vital when forging onward to a destination unknown (and remember: the destination is always unknown).

Consequence should seldom dissuade: there is never a perfect time, but always a reason and excuse to wait.

Action without thought, thought without action.

Never one or the other. Balance.

Balance = synergy = brilliance.

Flickr photo credit: Digitalnative