Ad and Sponsored Content Policies

In addition to the policies disclosed in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, as a visitor to our website or a subscriber to our newsletter you may also occasionally be subject to paid advertisements or sponsored content.

We occasionally accept and advertise products that we, to the best of our abilities, believe are worthy of recommendation to our target audience.

This is a component part of our broader initiative to build a resilient service-based business.

We hereby pledge, to the best of our abilities, to honor the following:

  • That ads and/or sponsored content will make up a minimal proportion of the content you ever receive from our business;
  • That ads and/or sponsored content will not influence our editorial autonomy, skew our opinions, or alter our business mission or vision;
  • That you will always be thoughtfully and thoroughly informed of any advertisements and/or sponsored content.

In the case of sponsored content from paid advertisers, we have negotiated the right to sell a piece of original content that we have written and retain entire editorial autonomy over. The content is, always will be, and remains our own. It has not been written (in full or in part) by the advertiser in any way, nor do we allow outside advertisers to sway or skew our opinions. All opinions in sponsored content remain our own.

In other words, the nature of paid advertisements and/or sponsored content do not influence our opinions, perspectives, teachings, lessons, or offerings of the content that you are receiving.

We reserve the right to refuse advertisements, sponsors, or sponsored content from any company or paid source that we deem immoral, or misaligned to our vision and mission to create a more loving and inclusive world for one and all.


Notification of Changes to this Policy

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Updated: August 2020