Ania Nowicki, a British wellness coach living with her family in the Netherlands, knew she had an important story to share with her prospective clients and readers.

It was personal. It was meaningful. And yet, her story was really tough to tell.

After suffering for years with eating disorders and body image issues, Ania took the long road into wellness, conquering her shadows with grace and unrelenting determination. As a coach, she wants to help usher women like her into wellness.

With the hard work done on Ania’s health journey, she knew that she had an honest gateway to invite women like her into working relationship with her. She wanted to help those who were suffering.

Together, Ania and I developed her personal, emotional story with the same confidence and poise that she demonstrated in conquering her younger-years health crisis. We pruned sprawling tangents to cohesively speak to Ania’s journey, while not skimping on the important and humane message of her experience. We etched hope and determination into the story, avoiding woe-is-me or apologetic tones.

In the end, Ania showed up in her whole truth to let her experiences of hardship become a her form of leadership by humble example: a personal offering from a health coach to those are in need of support.

Of our work together, Ania says:

“Dave is a genius when it comes to words and helping others to express themselves authentically. He tied the big themes of my story together brilliantly, and made my message more powerful and resonant with my audience.”

Are your words doing work on your behalf on your website? What are readers finding when they land on your About Me page to learn more about who you are, what you do, and why you do it?

When you get the words just right, they become an effortless marketing tool for you – because they invite humans to connect with your whole, authentic truth:

“Dave constantly surprises and impresses me with his ideas and how he pulls a written story together. I can’t thank him enough!”

Are you ready to share your whole self with the world?

The time is now! Let’s embark upon a story-journey together.

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