“Live with dignity, women, live with dignity, men. Few things will enhance our beauty as much.” ~ Rabia of Basra, 8th century poet + Islamic saint

Do no harm. 

Make no one think ill of themselves.

Hold up a mirror wherever you go: show others their light.

Stop fearing so much. The Universe wants you to win. It’s giving you hints; nothing is hiding. Life wishes for your joy. Our blood burns more brightly with every honest smile.

Need answers? Look within.

Know thy self, be proud of yourself, and remember that your ego is a little liar.

Bite your damn tongue. Hear, and quell, those poisoned thoughts. Never utter unkindness. A tongue that spits hatred always swallows some of its own venom. And life has ways of humbling you into remembering that only love endures, that anger is soul-suicide.

Let go more. It is liberating. Those caught in the battle of rightness and wrongness find no rest, no peace.

Speak up to save a life. Speak it loudly. Shout without mercy or regard. Speak up to save your own. No regrets will ever come of this.

Trust your heart’s compass. Never weigh the decisions that you want, or need, to make through the judging eyes of others, save for the eyes of God.

Trust that chance is just an excuse.

Trust that every face you see on the crowded city sidewalk is one tapestry; that you are a needle, and that every foot step you take is the loving thread that binds or tears this one life. Sew accordingly.

Make decisions in accordance with your values: how you wish to live, and how you wish others to experience life, themselves.

Let go of the little stories you tell yourself. You won’t disappear.

Live, speak, give, love and act without expectation of others; expect the highest from yourself.

Undo unsureness, anxiety, fear and worry by uttering this grounding mantra:

“Be love. Be giving. Be present.”

And know that you are exactly who you need to be.

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