You deserve to feel the artistry in everything you do.

You deserve to experience the hum of passion that courses in your veins when locked in a conversation with a total stranger.

You deserve to encounter the guttural vibration of anticipation when your eyes lock upon another’s — for the very first time.

You damn well ought to feel the exhilarating breath of sea-swept air that drops in from the blue sky upon a magnificent, new landscape — one that you’ll never see again, because other landscapes are awaiting you.

When I talk of artistry, I’m talking about how you deserve to live.

Artfully. Feeling God in every moment. Flowing in experience after experience. Touching the brilliance and beauty that life has to offer– now.

Is it an ideal? Surely.

Hyperbole? Maybe.

But unrealistic? Why should it be?

Life doesn’t wait for anyone. And your actions, thoughts, words and decisions won’t suddenly start honoring exactly what you want and need and dream of until you begin to honor them, today — finding the space, the time, a moment, a chance, a break in the clouds or a smile across the crowd to take a risk, to dare, and to let go of whatever comes of it.

Your journey is being walked, right now. How are you walking it?

You don’t have the time to waste trying to convince the nonbelievers, or awaken the small-minded judges, or make the righteous self-saboteur change their minds who claim to maintain the ways of the world even as their own patched up walls of “normalcy” and “order” crumble down around them.

I’m telling you that you deserve to experience the liberation and lightness, the freedom and simplicity of being. Take the deepest breath you can. Imagine every breath feeling like that.


Artistry can be tapped into from anywhere — artistry is chosen in life, and living in elegant brush strokes and liberally-strewn smiles can happen everywhere; anywhere you look. Art is where you are, in how you live and breathe, how you chat with strangers. Artful living is the source that courses through your veins with unapologetic fervor; the knowledge that you are alive, grateful for this chance — opening and awakening and expanding into a deepening state of truly joyful being.

I lose myself in all this rambling. How many times can I say the same thing I am called to say?

Artistry is reflective of an experience that your soul is desperately craving, and no compromise upon that spiritual desire will satiate the hunger until your thoughts and actions, your life’s decisions, your words and song, your dares and cares to find alignment with that yearning.

What you yearn for is to experience what you love in life, wherever you go.

Isn’t that it?

Don’t you wish to feel like you are expanding into the space around you like a star that glows in the night? Don’t you feel like you deserve to be awakening to who you truly are — and what purpose you’re here to serve in life? Don’t you wish to see yourself in every face you pass upon the street? To taste God upon the lips of another?

What your soul demands is to unfurl itself from the mess and muck of worry and fear that have bound you into some static definition of what “ought” to be, when everything that could be

This is why you struggle and long. It’s why you so often feel distant from whole; hungry for what’s more.

There is a fundamental depth that lies beyond your desires: these are not petty wants and feeling wishes for “more” things and fame and acclaim but a critical, uniquely personal element of soulful yearning that is so hard to understand (let alone define) because it is rooted in how you wish to live every day — and how you wish to experience life, itself.

And only from honoring that calling will you experience what you desire — and deserve.

This is artistry: the top-to-bottom, never-ending experience of living a life so damn full and whole and alive that you can touch it.

You’re on the path already.

It’s not a place that can be found.

It’s where you are, presently.

And what matters is how you walk it.

Don’t you deserve to feel the artistry in everything you do?

Feel my hand against yours. Raise your glass high. Look up into today and inhale the sky into your heart. Sweat longer upon the mat. I could go on. But what’s more to say that you don’t already know?