Why am I here?

Why do I do what I do?

What do I hope for, strive for, work for, suffer for; live, breathe and dream for?

Whether or not you’ve ever asked these question of me, I find myself asking them all the time. I’m sure you’ve done the same yourself.

“Why” is a tricky beast for us all, but because words have been quite fast to escape me as of late, I’ll sum up my “why” in as few as I might need.

Why I’m here:

I’m here because I want you to succeed, brilliantly, for all the right reasons. In ways that endure, effortlessly.

I want to see good people who do good (and help people do the same) succeed in wildly creative and flourishing ways, for all of their goals and dreams and achievements, and in ways that resonate purely within their souls to cultivate earnest goodness, and happiness, and purpose, and passion, and lifelong fulfillment.

I want to see that in you.

And I may not have the answers to get you there — maybe just not yet, maybe not ever because instead it’s the work of another to help you succeed in such ways — but I will always hope, and strive, and work, and suffer, and live-breathe-dream to make that outcome your reality.

Of course, I want that for myself, too.

But if I alone could take the world upon my shoulders to get you there, surely, it would be a price that I’d pay gladly.