What is “un”leadership?

And why would anyone want to lead “without followers”?

Because the circumstances of today’s world demand a redefinition. They say, “Clearly, something is not working well here. Let’s look at this from a new angle.” An alternative perspective — a refreshingly positive one. Even a seemingly backwards one.

And, beyond all else, you redefine what it means to be a leader on your own terms — and especially in an open and empowering, inspiring and inclusive way — because that simple shift in perspective has the power to create constructive, positive change in every aspect of your life.

Leadership is the key. Your key. The key that opens every locked door.

And “unleadership” is simply an unconventional approach to reframing and harnessing positive attributes to become a leader — taking care of others everyday and through healthy business, giving love, being love — in your life, in your business, and in your world.


What does being an “unleader” mean to you?

I asked you this question on the DaveUrsillo.com Facebook page last week, and was completely blown away by the depth and “ownership” of your responses! So much so, that I wanted to share them here on the blog.

I was so impressed because you boiled down what leadership means to you on such a meaningful and personal level — and in a way that resonates with your senses of giving and gratitude. That rocks. And, it’s the roots of lasting leadership.

Here are some of the inspiring highlights:

“Singing truer songs.” – Minna Bromberg, New York

“Empower by example.” – Megan Andrietti, Ohio

“Own my story.” – Michael Margolis, GetStoried

“Lead by being.” – Sally Hope, Girls Gone Moto

“Truth first, baby!” – Mary Ellen Kundrat

“Modeling. Empowering. Humbly.” – Hilary Rushford, New York

“Owning your authenticity!” – Kristin Offiler, Rhode Island

“Soul shaking songs!” – Sharon Knight, California

“Unleading is about ‘being impeccable for your 50%’ in any situation. You take action because it creates the right energy inside of you and fuels your passion and dignity, not because you are worried about controlling what other people are going to do or say (or not do and not say). You make decisions based on what ‘feels right’ within your own intuition because it you have the self awareness to parse what is fear vs what is intuition, what is selfish agenda versus what is in the service of an outcome that is right for all involved, etc. Unleading is the ‘new’ leading – it creates people who can lead in our times because their creativity comes from ‘within’ in order to create innovation ‘without’ – where there usually are no answers yet.” – Sharon Melnick, New York

To me, unleadership means leading not through sheer numbers of followers, but in your devout dedication to help. It’s in your capacity to give. In your unshakeable love of being good and doing good for others.

Unleadership means leading from the size of your heart, not the size of your bank statement.

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And that simple idea, my friend, will open your mind and heart to entire worlds of new possibility, positivity and happiness.

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