Ben Avezedo founded and ran one of the top 3 advertising agencies in Brazil, but needed a new story to convey how much he had accomplished in his career.

Plus, he was on the cusp of a major leap-of-faith: moving his family to Florida and kicking off his firm’s new advertising division in the United States.

With English as his second language behind his native tongue of Portugese, Ben reached out to see if Story Shine could help capture the heart and soul of his new business mission. Hw wanted to reach his ideal clients, and even new employees in Florida, upon moving to a new country.

But Story Shine does a lot more than produce written story profiles.

As we worked together, Ben had several really powerful personal revelations, including that…

  • …his drive as an entrepreneur is to provide his children with the greatest opportunities to better themselves and live fulfilled lives
  • …his love of beautiful visual design is about showing respect to other human beings; that beauty demonstrates appreciation and gratitude for every human who experiences the art.
  • …his business, with over 100 employees, exists to serve and uplift people to become the best versions of themselves. Work can be a place of empowerment, inside and out.

When we completed the Story Shine journey, Ben said,

“I was so impressed by the story that Dave created for me that I almost didn’t work the whole day that I received it: I spent the whole day reading it! The story is wonderful.”

This Brazilian ex-pat, family man and heart-centered entrepreneur wants you do know: “Dave is very, very good and his Story Shine work can change how people see, appreciate and understand your work. Thank you, Dave!”

Are you ready to share your whole self with the world?

The time is now!

Let’s embark upon a story-journey together.

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