Brandon Sutton uniquely walks in two worlds that some may say contradict one another.

He’s an impassioned social activist, film-making environmentalist and climate change advocate who is also the co-founder of a high-level marketing and branding firm that works with the likes of Coca Cola, Reebok and renowned global corporations.

How does a social activist like Brandon – who himself was arrested for civil disobedience in protest of the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline – hold true to his beliefs while still working with high level, corporate clients in global advertising?

For Brandon, his personal mission as an activist has evolved brilliantly from feeling disengaged to  mega-corporates and their inhuman tendencies to profit of off the masses, and instead, he built a company to change how huge businesses and their leadership witnesses, understands, and engages its consumer base: as human beings.

Now partly responsible for new ad campaigns and initiatives in which big companies are re-orienting their products and services with empathy and compassion, Brandon needed a smart story that somehow united these two fascinating but interconnected aspects of his life.

As a Story Shine client, Brandon was ushered through the discovery of his evolution from a service-hearted soul whose seemingly random ventures into activism and environmentalism has actually been the very roots of his decision to work to create change from within industry, and not in raw opposition to it.

In other words, Brandon’s longstanding will to create change finally found practical application in his new business.

“You’re so right,” Brandon reported back after our first interview, “I’ve been on this path all along, and it has only been the last few years that my desire to make change has finally started to take off.”

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