Last Wednesday, I had the honor of speaking live and on air with Anthony Gemma — an acclaimed local businessman, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and former Congressional candidate — on his radio program The Next Level here locally in southern New England on AM 790.

Our discussion was also simulcast live on Ustream and BlogTalkRadio.

Lead Without Followers is not about leadership in any conventional sense.

However, discussing these ideas on air with a local leader was not only a lot of fun and quite humbling — I think it is very beneficial for the mission of inciting people to question and openly discuss the true meaning of leadership in our world.

I’m also a fan of Anthony’s dedication to inspiring people to become leaders in their own lives and, as he mentions in our discussion, his past Congressional campaign’s emphasis on “Hope.”

Part 1:


Part 2:


Of course, a simple discussion is only a beginning point.

As I wrote in Lead Without Followers, “Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to change, themselves.”

What I have come to learn a long time ago is that to truly “upset” a backwards status quo that is in need of change, you will, in fact, “upset” some people.

Time will tell how the status quo and other conventional leaders receive this reinterpretation of leadership.

But more and more, with every day that passes, I’m quite certain that this discussion needs to take place openly, widely, liberally and with an unapologetic vigor.