Bernadette Jiwa is an author, business storyteller and brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs and business leaders build their brands, visions, and story.

She writes the award-winning blog at The Story of Telling.

In this interview, Bernadette dishes out practical tips for making your idea matter to the people who need it most. She gives new ways to think of the layers behind your writing that helps you evolve your words into more fully realized projects.

Whether you’re a creative, blogger, or entrepreneur, this interview offers a foundation for exploring your next idea and refining your current projects.

If you want your idea to matter, don’t change what someone does, thinks, wants or needs — Bernadette says, “Change how they feel.”

The interview free to stream, so tune in to listen below!

Listen: Make Them Care

As You Listen…

  1. Who is your ideal reader or customer? Create a specific profile of your reader’s needs and desires.
  2. What ideas have you been working on in isolation that could use some feedback from other people?
  3. Do you view visitors to your site as traffic or humans? How can you change the way your visitors feels when they come to your site?

Listening Guide

1:24  –  How Bernadette came to consultancy work
6:07  –  Making ideas matter by thinking about the reader
8:45  –  How to explore new ideas
10:58  –  Creating a coherent brand for yourself
13:07  –  Putting your ideas out there evolves your ideas
18:04  –  “You still have nothing to lose” after success
21:10  –  Tough advice for making your writing ideas matter
23:49  –  “It’s about changing how others feel.”
27:11  –  Reframing competition

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