Jenny Blake is a two-time author, TEDx speaker and New York City based yoga teacher who helps people change their paths and contribute to the world more efficiently at

In this interview, the former Google employee encourages listeners to write from the deepest truth of the moment to explore their most authentic writing. She explains the intersections of life and writing to help writers move beyond writers block and write more.

Throughout the call, Jenny takes several listener’s questions on developing business practices, cultivating blog followers, and how to pitch guest posts for other blogs.

Jenny also reveals the one thing she would have done differently in her writing career.

You will come away from this interview with tools to get clarity on your writing and life to work from a place of deeper inner truth.

The interview free to stream, so tune in to listen below!

Listen: Write from Your Truth of the Moment

As You Listen…

  1. What is your deepest truth and how does it show up in your writing?
  2. What sort of practices and routines do you engage in that provide space for you to be creative?
  3. What will move your writing career forward? Is it newsletter subscribers or something completely different?
  4. Think about something you are struggling with in your writing. What is your head saying? Your heart? Your gut?

Listening Guide

1:59 – Jenny shares her thoughts on the positive benefits of writing
4:36 – Honoring yourself in your writing
10:07 – Listening to your heart, head, and gut
20:38 – On balancing writing with business needs
31:00 – The importance of developing a practice and routines
35:09 – Jenny opens up on the relationship with her blog’s followers
42:48 – How to submit pitches for guest posts on other blogs
50:19 – Jenny reveals her biggest mistake as a writer: not starting a blog newsletter

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