If you were given the chance to conquer one of your greatest fears for $1000, would you do it?

(As for me, well, I’m not sure if getting paid $1000 would really be enough.)

Now, what if you were given the opportunity to conquer one of your greatest fears, while fundraising $1000 for an amazing charity — would you do it? Come May 22nd, the latter is exactly what I’ll be doing!

Run to Home Base

In just three months, I’ll be running in the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital “Run to Home Base” 9K Road Race. That’s 5.6 miles.

If you know me personally, you know much I disdain running — completely because I’ve never been good at distance running. It’s painful, agonizing even, and I suck at it. I’ve never completed more than maybe 3 total miles at a clip. I haven’t gone running once since this past winter started. Did I mention I have to raise $1000? :)

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I’m Pushing the Envelope.

Over the next three months, I’ll be busting my ass to take on this 9K road race for an incredibly important cause — supporting our wounded military veterans:

The Home Base Program is “a leader in finding and implementing new treatments or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI),” helping “by identifying, motivating, and clinically treating service members, veterans and their families impacted by the invisible wounds of war.”

I always say, our military serves us proudly abroad; when they return home, it’s time for us citizens to serve them. As an American patriot, there are few motivations greater than challenging my physical abilities and mental expectations on behalf of serving our military veterans in need of vital assistance. The wounds of war are many, and among the most significant are those “invisible wounds” that plague the minds of our selfless and brave veterans.

For a writer who spends so much time exploring happiness, suffering, compassion, and overcoming darkness of the mind; this noble cause seems to be a perfect fit.

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I Need Your Help!

As my friends, I’m humbly asking if you would consider donating, even if it is no more than the price of a cup of coffee: even $3 to $5.

For every dollar of your total donation (every $1 = 1 entry), I will enter your name in an exclusive giveaway. You can win: (1) A Limited Edition Renegade Tee (free shipping, and personal hand-written letter), and (2) Three free 1-on-1 Personalized Coaching Sessions.

I have to raise $1000 for this amazing cause. I know this isn’t a very far run for most people. I know I’m not running the New York Marathon. But for me, this is a challenge. And it’s one I’m excited to conquer. I want to fully video- and photo-document the experience with hopes that my experience can encourage you to take small steps toward conquering your fears and shattering your own self-imposed limitations.

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Running To Honor Our Veterans

I’m running to honor all of our veterans, but a special place in my heart goes to the following veterans who I’ve known and in some cases still call friends:

  • Ryan P. Jones, US Army. KIA Baghdad 2007. Fellow cadet in Army ROTC days
  • John Veals, US Army — A friend and mentor from Army ROTC days in college
  • Chris Johnson, US Marines — Great friend from high school, veteran of Iraqi theater
  • Ray Gallucci, US Army Reserves — Next-door neighbor, police officer, and all-around incredible guy

How Can I Get You On Board?

What can I do to make this personal goal a bigger, communal experience that can motivate you to do something similar? Should I document each individual run as I build endurance? Keep a journal? List my strategies, nutritional efforts, workout programs? Should I video-blog? Give me your ideas!

Listen, I’m not trying to light the 9K course afire like Greek god Hermes (pictured above). But always remember, the small stuff adds up and can truly make a world of difference for others. I hope you’ll consider donating on behalf of my fundraising efforts for our cherished military veterans!!

Flickr photo credit: Cillian Storm