About few weeks ago, I posted a passing thought on my personal Facebook page.

It read:

I want to be a part of 50 conversations on topics that matter, all recorded, all with different hosts, all to go live in January to kick off the new year with a bang. I see them being less-formal, less-promotional, less pointed than interviews — more like “conversations anchored in a purpose.” Nothing prescripted or prepared. Maybe there’s one idea, thesis or story that kicks them off, and 20-30 minutes later, we end up somewhere that we probably didn’t intend.

About forty enthusiastic responses later, a new experimental project  is born. I’m calling it, “Conversations Anchored in Purpose.”

I want to extend the invitation to you here today.

I would be honored to be hosted in a recorded conversation for your personal blog, podcast or website — no matter the size, readership, “professionalism” or any other factor that you might think “disqualifies” you from the onset. Not true. This project is about forging meaningful conversations in an instant — not only to encourage others to consider the actual content or question, but also, to encourage others to feel compelled to host their own conversations in purpose in their everyday lives.

By participating, you’re agreeing to hosting and record a 20-30 minute conversation between you and I that will go live (ie, be publicly posted/shared on your blog/website) in January 2014 to kick off the New Year.

There are a few “rules” to guide us: I see our conversation being less-formal, less-promotional, less “pointed” than an interview — more like a “conversation anchored in a purpose.” You can prescript and prepare, but I can’t. You spring a conversation piece on me when we start recording. Maybe there’s one idea, question, issue, thesis or story that kicks our conversation off. The goal is to get deep, meaningful, honest and direct — fast. We roll from there.

What matters most to you — right now? What’s your biggest struggle? Where do you find your attention gravitating?

If you’re curious for things that might be good to ask me, as a lifelong writer, I excel as a communicator with the intuitive skill to touch upon the underlying, far-reaching, “human core” of ideas, stories, and struggles. From creativity to entrepreneurship,

After this 20-30 minute conversation, we hope to look back to see that where we’ve ended up is somewhere that we never could have intended.

My goal is that we can stoke conversation with a purpose that matters to YOU on your online home, with the hope of facilitating greater and more meaningful discussions. Your conversation will be listed along with the collection of 49 others on Dave’s blog, DaveUrsillo.com.

Rest assured, I promise to deliver a message, idea or observation in our conversation that will astound you and your people. :)

If you’re ready to schedule a chat with me, simply head over to this form and fill it out — I’ll get back to you in hours and we’ll schedule our time to chat!