Kathy wrote a tale of an ordinary day when an extraordinary discovery affirmed how important it was for her to do hard things that mattered to her.

Jess recalled a memory from long ago when, as a child, she was made to feel invisible in a painful induction of what it felt like, for her, to be a woman in what she was told was “a man’s world.”

Danielle reflected on the challenges, beauty, heartbreak, and grace of finding herself a mother, again, to someone else than just her son, at the age of 43.

These are just a few of the stories that students have written with us, in just a few hours, in my writing class, Writing the Personal.

It is one of my great pleasures and joys to be a witness to stories like these — stories like yours! — and to see them live on, in published form, on the Internet, even if for just a handful, a few hundred, or maybe a thousand people to see.

Even one story, self-honoring and shared when ready, is an act of love, of giving, of caring.

Even one story, told in its right timing, can change another person’s world; can change your own.

Stories are currency in this attention economy.

And in an age that feels so empty of moving, meaningful stories that bring us together, the stories we choose to tell can become powerful personal monuments to togetherness; testaments to our intentions to live fully and well.

Our stories represent our unapologetic selves.

But telling them can feel complicated.

  • How do you know if it’s the right time to tell your stories?
  • What style, format, or voice might you use?
  • How can you be sure when a story is “done” or “ready” for others to witness?

We answer all these questions, and so many more, in this inspiring writing class.

Consider this your invitation to join us!

We begin in just a handful of days, starting February 23, 2023 at 2 PM Eastern US Time.

When you become a part of a writing class like Writing the Personal, you are accepting an invitation to be a witness. A witness to yourself, your truth, your passions, and your desires.

You will be invited and supported into witnessing the awe and the wonder of stories, moments, and beauty that always surround us — if you can slow down and sharpen our vision enough to see it.

This is your invitation to gift yourself creative delight.

To briefly interlude from managing all of the demands of a demanding life, and, for just a few hours, to envelop yourself in precious learning, imagination, and remembering of who you are and always have been.

Our stories are treasures, but they are fleeting.

We must do some digging to make them known.

Writing the Personal is the map to show you where and how to find them.

What story will you discover, laying hidden, just beneath the surface?

It’s time to tell your stories.

Join us. Register now.