“How Do I Claim My Calling? A Webinar on the Myths that Hold Us Back

How to Claim Your Calling is a webinar that breaks down 10 toxic myths and misleading stories that manipulate our expectations, gaslight dream-seekers and distort our heart-centered goals into self-blame patterns.

If the path of following your dream work has started to feel like a self-fracturing journey that feels more like living nightmare, this webinar may be for you.

Over 90 minutes, I’ll teach you the top 10 myths that I’ve identified over my 12+ year journey. In the place, I’ll share holistic, rational, replacement stories that can guide a more integrated and self-honoring experience as you claim your calling.


Enjoy the webinar, my friend!

“Dave taught me to think like a leader. He’s guided me to believe in myself more, and now I’m sharing more of my voice in the world.”Amy Clover, Fitness Personality

“Dave’s got this genius ability to help people deeply understand themselves and connect to the core of their own being.”Jacob Sokol, Life Coach