Days when fighting and hatred are gone and no more,

When love, life and friendship are all we care for.

How often in songs of melody,

Do we hear of these days that we all long to see?

And yet, they sing only of illness,

Not a remedy.

Dreaming of a better Tomorrow is, while admirable, still merely an aspiration.  The trouble with relying upon the promise of a better Tomorrow is what inhibits our efforts to better this moment, today.  For, tomorrow, though given a name and date on a calendar, is but a figment of the mind — an elusive destination that can truly never be reached, for tomorrow is always tomorrow and never this day.

The promise of Tomorrow is forever distant, because tomorrow will never be nearer. For when we wake on the day following this one, tomorrow is, already and again, another day away. How many tomorrows have come to pass without grand ambitions being realized?

If you dream of a better Tomorrow, dare this moment to make a better today.  Dare this moment to slow your busy day to do a deed for a stranger.  Dare yourself an inconvenience in order to benefit another.  Dare this moment to slow down, to better yourself and better those around you.  Dare to dream today. And when today’s dream is realized, dare to act upon it right away.

It is safe to dream of a better Tomorrow.  To make a better today, we must dare this moment.