“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.” ~Unknown

That bastard Darkness grips with bruising strength.

A trampling horse, it runs through the mind in such a way that all other thoughts are forgotten. They become so distant that Goodness is rendered a figment, barely recalled by memory.

Darkness is a danger and Darkness is a threat, for its nature is viral and contagious. It spreads through the mind, weighing so heavily upon it.

When Darkness grips a soul, its effects are not only observed but truly felt by others. But that bastard Darkness has little defense, for darkness itself cannot be created.

Dark is Just the Absence of Light

Earthly darkness is simply the absence of light.  Outside of its atmosphere there is indeed endless black, sparsely broken by glowing stars of light.  But within the spherical walls of our humanly habitat, and while by nature we depend on the sun, by our human hands we possess the ability to create light.  Darkness is not a humanly or earthly state of being, but a product, an afterthought, merely a result.

Shade is light obstructed. Haze and cloud conceal. Dusk is subject to earth’s rotation.  Darkness is a product of extinguishing light. Darkness has no means to create itself. It is weak. Not an entity but a reaction, subject to outside forces, Darkness only exists by the antithesis of Light. Inside its atmosphere, earthly light is a state of being. Dark is merely a reaction.

Like darkness on earth, Darkness of the mind exists in blocking, deflecting, or obstructing Light — good thoughts and happiness which, by our humanity, we pursue naturally. But once Darkness of the mind blocks human happiness, it then can become quite powerful. Anxiety, angst and depression are subject to spread, for, once the funnel cloud has been spun, the winds of darkness can self-sustain and become a blackened tornado.

Light can “Be” by our Creation

Darkness exists only by blocking, but Light can be by our creation. Light is an ignition; a spark and a flame. Light can be created. Light can grow brighter, grow larger, and be sustained. Light can be by our creation.

So should Darkness grip your mind, recall its feeble nature. Recall that darkness is a product, subject to the absence of something else. To quell it, do that to which darkness has no defense. Create light. Flip the switch and ignite the Light that Darkness cannot repeal.

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