“But if you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down the road to meet yourself. And you will say, YES.”  –Marion Woodman

As an occasional world traveler, there’s one special thing that I’ve learned from visiting new places around the globe: the experience of seeing sights, scenes and new faces is just as amazing as the experience that is seeing yourself in ways you never before imagined.

That’s what travel does to you.

It takes you out of your comfort zones. Every habit is broken, every familiarity is erased and most comforts are changed. And when these “automatic” patterns of thought, feeling and experience leave you, you reconnect suddenly with your senses.

You taste more of life. You see new colors. Voices of conversations on the street sound like songs.

That’s why I wanted to bring my friend Dave Dean onto my podcast The Unapologetic Life to discuss what being a globe-trotter and full-time digital nomad has meant for him in his pursuit of becoming more “Unapologetically” himself since 2011.

Dave is the kind of guy you love to be around. He’s generous, kind, fun and wildly considerate. Dave also just released a new book called Hammocks and Harddrives: The Tech Guide for Digital Nomads, which is a helpful resource for tech-savvy (and less-than-tech-savvy) travelers. His story is an honest example of how adventures and travel can change the trajectory of your life.

In this episode Dave and I not only discuss his new book, but how to change your life through travel. Take a listen below!

The Unapologetic Life: Lose Yourself to Find Yourself with Dave Dean


Originally from New Zealand, Dave Dean is now based out of a backpack for long term.

Since deciding to make travel a permanent part of his life, Dave left his job in 2011, offloaded his stuff and traveled thousands of miles to follow his heart and live a life of adventure. Since then, Dave has lived and traveled for months at a time across South East Asia, Eastern Europe, North and Central America, Australia and New Zealand.

Now a blogger, author and digital nomad, Dave writes about technology and travel from anywhere in the world with a half decent Internet connection and a great view.

Dave’s new book is called Hammocks and Harddrives: The Tech Guide for Digital Nomads. He can also be found on his personal blog WhatsDaveDoing.com and at TooManyAdapters.com, a resource for travel and tech enthusiasts.

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P.S. – Speaking of world travel, my next book is coming soon! Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun is a collection of essays written across 38,000 miles of my travels, and includes stories on life, love, the pursuit of happiness, friendship, living an “artful” life and making your journey the greatest reward.