“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.” ~Groucho Marx

If the greatness of your day was dictated by your choice alone, would you choose to make each day an incredible one?

Well, obviously.

What is it that prevents us from making each day a great one? Firstly, it’s irrational — somehow, naturally counter-logical — to believe that choice alone could dictate each day to be a great one. Secondly, we all recognize — through experience — that circumstances arise that negatively impact our happiness each day with our work, our relationships with others, and our lives in general.

Remember that the question that began this piece was, “IF the greatness of your day was dictated by your choice alone…”.

If it was true, wouldn’t you?

If it was remotely possible — regardless of logic, regardless of what we rationalize — wouldn’t you? In other words, whether or not the concept is factually accurate or unequivocally and scientifically proven, does it really matter?

Greatness: a Beginning Point, Not an End-Goal

Striving to make each day a great one is just that — an effort, a goal, an objective, a dream.

Dictating the greatness of your day is a beginning; a starting point. The effort — a concentrated, deliberate action — is what intends to make each day a great one. And if you strive to live your days boldly, fully, and in fulfilling and purposeful ways, does the outcome really matter?

We live life not to race to the finish line — we take many measures to delay that final, inevitable demise. Naturally, with death as the only possible finish line in life, there are a litany of other meanings in life worthy of our care, concern and effort.

Life is not about the finish line, but the journey.

No different, choosing to dictate the greatness of our days is less about our heads hitting the pillow at night and saying, “This day was a completely successful, and here is why…”, and more about recognizing,

“This day I gave it my best; I truly gave myself to others; I dreamed of what could be; I believed in myself and those around me; and, no matter what ultimately came of my efforts, I feel just and fulfilled and true and good in my heart.”

Dictate the Greatness of Your Day

Don’t stop setting goals, and don’t stop striving to achieve. But never forget that life is not a race to the finish — that success comes not from rushing blindly to the end, but in seeking and realizing slow, purposeful intent in every single day.

Concentrate alone in your thoughts for several minutes each morning.

Dictate the greatness of your day — not as an envisioned end-goal, but by recognizing that your best effort is greatness in itself. Embody selflessness, embody giving, embody love, embody happiness, embody positivity. With this goodness as your motivation, there is no such thing as failure.

Flickr photo credit: Bill Sodeman