~_-*_ We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for an important reminder _*-_~

“Now is the time for the world to know that every thought and action is sacred.” ~ Hafiz

You are a conduit.

You are a magnificent, God-given channel for love through which the Almighty speaks, lives and breathes. You are God: His every embodiment, Her holiest intention.

You are the Buddha, the Christ, Allah and Yaweh.

You are Krishna, Mother Earth, Apollo, Father Time, Saraswatyai.

You are Endless Spirit brought to finite life. Your every cell and atom contain the entire Universe.

This one life you lead is your perfect manifestation of Divine light. Dare to tell the world — dare to tell yourself! — that you are exactly who you ought to be, with every bit of knowledge and understanding as to what you ought to do.

Now is the time to taste each day.

Show your face to the sliver of sunlight that shines through the clouds. Splash the ocean’s waters upon your hands; run the dirt and mud and sand between your finger tips.

Please, do not bring to me your worries and superstitions — the fears founded by mortal men to be impressed upon the masses for submission and order. God calls for you to celebrate wildly, happily, fiercely, unapologetically!

I know: your mind races like mine to reason itself free from such radical freedom. Exert your heart over your fears. Trust. Will it, and it is done.

And please, do not worship paper pages of a book more than you worship the soul of every being who graces our Earth! God, Justice, Reason and Peace are found more within every human being than the rules, the dogma, the confines of any hardened belief that they utter!

Worship every life that surrounds you, feverishly!

Succumb to this lovers’ disease, for there are no symptoms or ill effects, save for the gentle lightness of your gaze, the fluttering of your chest, the beaming smile that soars from your heart and shows through your face!

Our dear friend Hafiz said it best, “Now is the time for the world to know that every thought and action is sacred.”

~_-*_  This has been a divine interruption. _*-_~

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.