From conferences to workshops and retreats throughout the Americas, Europe and beyond, I bring heart, passion and extraordinary consideration to create unique, nurturing experiences for students that usher them into deep self-knowledge — and a motivation to give their best selves to the world.

Whether through storytelling, yoga, writing or creativity, I help men and women embrace the art of self-expression so that their best, whole selves can shine through a little more brightly.

Explore below to see where I’ll be next and when, and don’t forget to reach out if you have a conference, retreat or workshop that would benefit from my teaching experiences.

Upcoming Events

Weekly Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (All Levels) :: Mondays, 6:30 PM

I lead weekly yoga classes at Laughing Elephant Yoga in my hometown of East Greenwich, Rhode Island every Monday night at 6:30 PM. Whether you’re exploring yoga for the first time, or deepening into the spiritual and expressive side of your pre-existing practice, one and all are welcome. Teaching Schedule »

Always Streaming Online

Overcome Writer’s Block

My debut CreativeLive appearance is a 90-minute, live in-studio video workshop that pulls apart the mythic and intimidating idea of “writer’s block” down to three core underlying behavioral tendencies that explain most of our emotional discomfort with writing. Learn More »

Now Booking Future Engagements


I’d love to bring a special writing, creativity or yoga experience to you. I’m now booking future engagements, and usually participate in 6-8 events every year. Email me with any general inquiries, questions or specific invitations for a conference or event you have in mind.

Writing & Creativity Workshops

Foundations of Storytelling, Self-Expression and Why Writing Matters

I teach all students–whether they consider themselves to be “writers” or not–how the art of written word is distinct, unique and a source of personal power.

This philosophy melts seamlessly into practical and actionable advice in a variety of workshop topics that I offer, which span important topics like how to tell your personal story in a professional light, writing an About Me page, and rediscovering one’s “voice” after years of neglecting it.

Choose from actionable subjects, such as…

  • Story Shine Sessions: How do tell your story? Can you share your accomplishments and talents with humility and confidence? Do you struggle with feeling like you’re gloating? My Story Shine sessions will help you understand how to tell your story and own this fundamental of human communication.
  • Professional Bio-Writing 101: How can I leverage my short, professional biography into new connections, friendships and business opportunities? Learn how to concisely and precisely articulate your story (and your goals) in 100 words or less.
  • Find Your Voice, Find Your Values: What is “voice”? Why does the “voice” of our writing or communicating matter so deeply? What does having a strong and aligned voice mean? We’ll tap your values to help you understand what values you desire to speak to as a communicator, and learn to do so naturally and effortlessly.

Writing workshops Granting ample time for various exercises and free-writing, students can begin to practice in the moment.

Other workshop options

  • Workshop length can be 2-4 hours, and include writing exercises, creative time, group conversation and Q+A
  • All curriculum can be entirely customized to suite your students’ needs, interests and goals
  • Printed inserts and supplemental writing prompts or worksheets are available
  • Preferred class size is between 10-25 students
  • Author-signed copies of my books also optionally available


Creative Flow Workshops

Using Body Movement and Breath to Nurture Your Creativity

daveyoga01As a nine-time author and lifelong writer, I’m obsessed with helping people discover their natural creative sides. Yoga is one way to access our natural creative energy and cultivate the confidence needed to express ourselves.

Have you ever felt particularly creative, expressive or “in tune” with your creative side after a great yoga session?

Today, as a Vinyasa Flow teacher certified with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200), I offer Creative Flow workshops at conferences, festivals and local studios for those who are fascinated by the idea of accessing their inner creativity through yoga.

Creative Flow is a vinyasa-based sequence featuring a guided meditation and dedicated journaling time that’s designed to help you learn how yoga can start or expand your creative process.

Students will love…

  • Reinterpreting what it means to be “creative” in their everyday lives (independent, self-sufficient, expressive, in-tune, truthful, fluid, adaptive)
  • Using their yoga practices to access their creativity and feel more confident with in self-expression
  • Using their creativity as a tool to overcome struggles, discover clarity or take a “leap” in the face of doubt

Workshop options

  • Workshop length usually 1-3 hours, including yoga session, a creative activity/writing exercise, and group conversation
  • Sessions can be entirely customized to suite your students’ needs, interests and goals
  • Journal inserts and supplemental writing prompts or worksheets available upon request
  • Author-signed copies of God Whispers on the Wind, Dave’s spiritual poetry (beloved by yogis), also optionally available

Want to flow?

If you can’t join me in Rhode Island, I’d love to bring a Creative Flow workshop (or a class, or private yoga session) to you. Let’s discuss an event together! Please email me at

I’ll get back to you within a day or two.

Maha (great) thanks,

Past Events

Personal Myth, Mindfulness, Machu Picchu :: Peru (Jan 27 – Feb 3, 2018)

Snow-capped mountains. Incan culture. Maize. A whole lotta llamas. And an adventure of a lifetime to see Machu Picchu. You’re invited into the Sacred Valley of Peru for an exquisite 8-day, 7-night mindfulness retreat.

budda-daveThe Wicked Basics ℠ :: What We Do In Yoga (Nov. 19, 2017)

This 2-hour workshop is for first-timers, beginners, even experienced yogis who are curious to explore the absolute fundamentals of yoga, from what to expect in a yoga class to a look into yoga’s ancient history.

revolved-daveHow to Write :: Yoga and Journaling Series (Oct 29, 2016; Nov 19, 2016; Dec 10, 2017; Jan 7, 2017)

Find your voice. Witness yourself. Discover sudden insights. Recognize mental stories (samskara). Rewrite the narrative you want to live, everyday. All it takes it some movement — and a blank page. This workshop series will show you how.

Enlightened Expressions, Etc. :: Costa Rica Ydu-kmoga & Writing Retreat (Apr 30 – May 7, 2016)

Join me and co-host Kate Marolt for a writing and yoga retreat in beautiful Costa Rica. This 8-day, 7-night retreat will immerse you in nature and serenity in one of the world’s most beautiful and eco-diverse landscapes. Spaciously exploration your true Self with daily yoga, delicious food and guided journaling sessions.

CNF-2015-Logo-180circleCamp Nerd Fitness :: Clayton, GA (Sept 29 – Oct 4, 2015)

Camp Nerd Fitness is summer camp for adults who want to level up their lives with health, nutrition, activity and community support. I’m thrilled to be leading yoga and creativity sessions for campers this year! Sold Out

cb-duIndia Immersion Retreat :: Rishikesh, India (Oct 22 – 31, 2015)

I’m joining my yoga mentor and Yoga Journal cover model Coral Brown for her annual immersion retreat in the “yoga capital of the world.” I’ll be leading nightime yoga and guided journaling and reflection sessions every evening.

ALIVE in Berlin :: Germany (June 2015)

A Chakra Guided Guide to Staying ALIVE

ALIVE in Berlin :: Germany (May 2014)

How to Be Creative for Life.

Story Shine Workshop :: Brussels, Belgium (May 2015)


Story Shine Workshop :: Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 2015)


The Unapologetic About Me Page :: Austin, TX (March 2014)

Weekend in the Woods :: Rhode Island (January 2014)