About three weeks ago in yoga class, I stood into a headstand for the first time.

It was shaky. Unpretty. It went completely unnoticed by everyone in class. But it was also freakin’ awesome.

Me? Headstand? Looks like I’m one step closer to making the most of web-slinging (once I finally get bitten by that radioactive spider). Booya!

To be honest, I didn’t think much else of that miniature personal landmark in my yoga practice until hours later when I came across Jonathan Fields’ incredible Annual Review of 2011, a very intimate and revealing look at a year’s worth of life and business lessons learned by one of the most brilliant givers I’ve ever come across.

Jonathan’s work inspired me. I wished to challenge myself to undertake a similar task: publicly declaring three intentions that I would strive to live by in 2012 — and hoping that they would, in turn, inspire you to do the same.

Riding the high of inspired energy that morning, I then thought back to my chance headstand.

That brief journey into balanced inversion reminded me that, oftentimes, our most rewarding victories are just as fleeting; a dashing glimpse of perfect achievement, usually unexpected, and often without the slightest hint of fanfare.

Isn’t that a great way to think about life?

Tip-toeing the edge of uneasy with a sly smile. Knowing that, when you fall, you’ll just get up again (And go for it again, and again, and again). Knowing that, if you fall, you gift yourself humility and humor — and gift everyone in the room an equal chuckle. Fall-over success. Being simply you. Raw and true. Seeing the world through the same eyes — and occasionally from a never-seen angle.

The Announcement

As quickly as the first month of 2012 has flown by, I’ve kind of felt like I’ve been living in a headstand: shaky and unsure, not knowing what either the immediate or distant future holds but knowing that I need to be patient — in spite of feeling so damn ready to throw my legs up overhead and risk tumbling over.

That’s why, later this week, my free “Declaration of Intentions” download will, in fact, be doubling over as into a much bigger and more meaningful document:

My “Anti-Résumé.”

Yup, anti-résumé. It serves to be the complete visual and rhetorical antithesis to the modern professional 1-pager, which I will use to help me find new and exciting working opportunities in a brand new and unknown city — New York City!

Moving there is the current goal.

Big dreams and scary new challenges await.

And later this week, as I release my Anti-Résumé to the world, I hope that by intentionally tipping my world upside down, I’ll find the very balance I’m craving — and fall over into brilliant new success.

Keep an eye out for the awesome free download later this week. Until then, rock steady.

Flickr photo credit formulapuff