Give me depth.

No more shallowness.

No more pretty this and silly that. Drop the easy catch-phases that compartmentalize your feelings. End the pop lingo (that no one really understands anyway) and the trendy phrases of industry.

Stop telling me you’re unsubscribing from the status quo just to turn around and blindly subscribe to a new one. Lose the two-dimensional ads; end the show. F*ck the glitz and glam.

Give me depth.

Realness. Your cuts and bruises. Tattoos and battle scars. Knuckle-bruises and eye wrinkles. Reveal to me a level of sincerity and openness from your heart — unfiltered, honest, confident.

…Unfiltered, or, breaking cadence from the norm, disobeying style-guides and going against the grain of how your favorite X, Y or Z does it. They are human. Aren’t you? We all live on this same playing field.

The field is within our minds. This space is equal and even.

Fame, acclaim, followers, expert-this and guru-that (man, fuck that self-repressive terminology: we are all explorers), they’re all an illusion; one that we use to create this facade of comfort, knowing, certainty, evenness, stability.

…Honest, or, the unsettling vulnerability of revealing some blurry, hazy corner of the core of your soul. Not an insecurity. Not an internal worry made external for comfort and reassurance.

Give me the honesty that’s showing your heart at the cost of your ego; show me the side of you that’s purely angelic.

Let’s call it a snippet of your spiritual D.N.A.

…Confident, or, the detached coolness of a gunslinger. The brutal humility of a warrior. The quiet determination of the tree that just wants to grow, no matter in Yellowstone, the Walmart shopping lot, or an Arabian desert. Those backdrops pale in comparison to the beauty existing: that life should exist at all.


Being is beauty. It is your purpose. When your purpose is to be the most you that you can be, that’s where confidence truly shines.

Don’t tell me again how much you love bacon or how much you hate the opposite political party. Stop regurgitating that same phraseology that we’ve all heard before. Never again bitch about someone as if you really and truly know him or her — when, hell, of course you don’t really know him or her at all.

{ Be honest, how well do you really even know yourself? }

A new Pinterest photo with a probably-misattributed quote? No, not a crime. But what I want — what we all so desperately crave — is depth!

Craft your own quotes!

Say something from the heart that is truly worth being quoted, instead!

Depth comes when you can slide your battle-weary mind into a chosen state of comfortable discomfort: never knowing, always learning, ever-exploring.

Create beauty from what repulses you. Find a symphony amongst the noise; see beauty amongst disorder and chaos. {Tweet that}

Give me that depth.


That’s what I want. Tell me the story of your hardest heartbreak with a smile, and what revelations showed you Your Own Light — even in spite of the devastation and darkness that unearthed everything you thought you knew. We bleed so another might not have to.

Show me your face. Give me your depth.

Oh, I don’t mean to tell you what to do.

I’m just talking to myself.

Flickr photo credit: tim ellis

P.S. — To commemorate in loving memory a dark day of sadness and despair, and with hope of spreading love and compassion for all, my book of poetry God Whispers on the Wind is available for free on Amazon today from September 10th through September 11th.