“Oh, how I’d like for you to sit with me here so you could see what I see. Then I wouldn’t need to write so much. We could just sit together and be blessed by this salty breeze.” ~This Salty Breeze, from God Whispers on the Wind

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog lately.

That’s because to hear a whisper, you gotta get quiet!

Whispers sure can say a lot of things. Just yesterday, I found myself falling as quiet as could be in a futile attempt to hear a shy little four-year-old share her favorite line from a movie she loves. I’m not sure why it was such a big secret.

It was cute, nonetheless. :)

Then there are other secrets, like the ones that swirl around us. Sometimes, I swear that if you just sit around quietly and listen, you can hear them. That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been listening to secrets.

Introducing: God Whispers on the Wind

Today, I’m really excited to share with you my latest book — and for 72 hours, you can own it for free:

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God Whispers on the Wind is a simple but powerful collection of 81 free-styled spiritual poems that invokes a stronger, deeper sense for the common threads that are spun between each of us as human beings — and those threads spun between each and every human spirituality.

#GodWhispers is poetic rock and roll.

When one chapter makes you laugh out loud, the next might make you stop and really think about your life. When one poem is about the beauty of nature, the next is about an egotistical priest. Some are funny. Others are goofy. Some are heretical. All are heart-stoking.

But in the end, my only hope is that within this poetry, you discover more of yourself — more connection, more understanding, more faith.

No matter who you are, or what you believe, #GodWhispers will speak to you.

So, Why Poetry?

Over recent months, I have found myself deeply drawn into the beautiful works of poets like Hafiz, Rumi, Rabia of Basra, Kabir and many others. This is almost exclusively thanks to a great poet and translator (a best-selling one at that), Daniel Ladinsky.

You’re probably familiar with his works.

In just the last few months, the genesis of this poetry began to gather significant momentum. Poems exploded from my pen at an incredible pace. And in an effort to both keep true to my own writing nature, as well as openly share this work with others who may enjoy it, I decided to publish God Whispers on the Wind.

That’s why I ended up publishing this collection of poems — something I never really intended to share.

As a nonfiction writer, an essayist really, I quite fell in love with this medium and the depth of its expressiveness. In God Whispers on the Wind, you’ll find poems that celebrate an open and playful nature (“Three Happy Bloodhounds”, “From the Hand”), take pleasure in lightly cursing (“This Damp Pile”), and even politely venting at the order of things (“Dear Sir”, “What a Tragedy”).

Naturally, that poetry is self-expressive entails that many embody a personal narrative (“Submission”, “My Liar’s Mind”), touch upon some love stories of old (“A Bird Swoops”), and other private thoughts (“Bridges”).

My hope is that you see these less as personal narration and more as a story-vehicle through which you might see a new depth of yourself, your life, your dreams.

What’s Inside the Book

I believe that when we can reach out and touch the common threads that are quietly spun between different, even seemingly contradictory human spiritualities, we begin to attain a far more enriched and empowered understanding of humanity, itself—and, even a deeper understanding of ourselves, personally.

Within these 81 poetic chapters of God Whispers on the Wind, my hope is that you’ll feel a greater awareness for those common threads: the perpetual and binding human qualities of love, happiness, purposeful living and shared experience that make us so exceptionally unique as spiritual beings.

Better yet, God Whispers on the Wind features exclusive contributions from seven more poets: Brit Hanson, Willie Jackson, Ellie Di Julio, Tess Marshall, Hung Pham, Syndee Stein and Jeanie Witcraft were so kind as to contribute amazing literary works to this collection to give #GodWhispers a rounded, open, communal feel.

I wanted this exploration of spirituality to span all interpretations of freedom and love, light and purpose — and with these seven amazing poets helping the cause, I believe God Whispers is that much more enriched a work.

And finally, to conclude #GodWhispers I included bonus materials for you.

The collection of also poems features:

  • Conversation Starters about spirituality, which are ideal for a book club or if even for your own personal consideration
  • A short list of activities you can personally explore to more deeply endeavor within your spirituality
  • Three-weeks’-worth of journal prompts to explore and practice one’s spirituality through a private, written medium
  • Calls to action on how to share God Whispers on the Wind with friends
  • Information on how to contact me personally
  • Details on submitting your own poems for possible inclusion in a second edition or subsequent collection. 
Get GWOTW Now »

Go to http://amzn.to/god-whispers to download your free copy. If you don’t own a Kindle, simply download the free Kindle reader app that works for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Mac desktop computer.

As I write in everything I have ever and will ever publish, in the end, this book is not about me, my story or my beliefs. I believe that writing is one of the most powerful, engaging and inviting means of human communication.

Writing has not only been my savior in helping me to explore and understand this world, but it holds a majestic ability to transform thoughts without discrimination; to break down locked doors of the mind with lyricism and beauty; to incite a loving revolution of the heart.

In me, in these words, I hope you find yourself.

The more that we can, as a civilization, accomplish this simple feat, the farther we will go in achieving all of the monumental tasks set before us.

I hope you’ll check out God Whispers on the Wind — and I certainly hope you enjoy a poem or two.

Just remember to give yourself the space to create.

If things keep falling quiet on the blog here, you know I’m up to something… :)

A few sample poems from #GodWhispers


I am but a puddle, God;
splash me where you may.
I give my life to you in
this Silk Pocket
that I’ve knit.
Sprinkle the crumbs of my silvery soul
upon the path, any path, that You see fit!
I give you my hands, God;
the ones You chiseled from the stars.
Take them, Dear Friend,
and with them may you write songs
that make whole suns burn
like a million wondrous smiles!
I’ll give you my heart, too,
Dear Maker,
since it has been Yours from the start:
Pull its chords as you will
so that my love might be
a bit more like Yours.
I am but a puddle, God.
Splash me where you may.




Three happy bloodhounds
just passed me by.

How did I know they were happy?

You could see smiles written in their eyes.
But I suppose it was their slobbery licks,
how generous,
that proved the depths of their joy!

Your eyes lead your deeds;
remember that.

Now, don’t run off licking strangers.
No one will believe your alibi:
that some poet
made you to do it.




Sometimes I dream
of souls I don’t even know;
maybe a strange face I’ve seen only once.

And in that dream a whole tale is told.

And when I wake come morning
my heart has fallen heavy,
for the unreal chronicle of that stranger’s face
has forever connected me to her.

I almost wish to go out and find her
to give her some words of strength,
like this Little Poetic Acorn,
that might sprout within her Crystalline Core
and last her a lifetime.

I guess that’s how you know
your heart is working overtime:

When in dreams you contrive tales;
wishing, plotting, scheming and longing
to do little else
but Love.


Get GWOTW Now »

Go to http://amzn.to/god-whispers to download your free copy. If you don’t own a Kindle, simply download the free Kindle reader app that works for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Mac desktop computer.