Last week, I had the honor and pleasure of hosting about 20 of you for an intimate gathering that I call, The Community Roundtable.

The second Community Roundtable that I’ve hosted in 2021 is a free sample call based upon one of the small-group coaching experiences that all of my personal coaching clients now receive through Claim Your Calling, a community-attaché of creatives, self-employed small biz owners, professionals, aspiring change-makers, and more.

Every month, my clients come together for a 90-minute small-group coaching “Roundtable,” and then another 90-minute, small-group coaching space for practicing leadership skills, sharing works-in-progress, and testing new ideas and materials, called The Leadership Lab.

(All this is in addition to a 1-hour, monthly 1-on-1 coaching session with me; a private Members Portal for non-Facebook community and conversation; weekly Voxer ‘Office Hours’ for unlimited personal support and guidance from me; weekly writing prompts; call recordings and more. Details below!)

During our Community Roundtable last week, I gave away three mini-coaching sessions that I call “Spotlight Coaching,” which is my rebrand of “hot-seat” coaching.

We heard from some big-hearted, fiercely determined, kind, and generous souls from across the world, including…

     — Lorraine in Canada, a talented and full-time professional and a recent (and very proud!) first-time grandparent who is on a new path to find her sense of purpose and rediscover what lights her inner fire

     — René in Denmark, a self-employed writer and author who comes from a background in professional marketing, but who wants to develop a new community of writers and aspiring authors in English-speaking markets, without social media, to help others create and share their own books

      — Kathy in California, a full-time professional, parent of two, and recently-certified executive coach who is navigating the difficult journey of career transition as she considers leaving her current job to build her own coaching practice, to honor her calling of leadership, and to live with more purpose

It was so much fun, and a true honor, for me to host these coaching mini-sessions.

Thank you to all who participated — not just our Spotlight guests, but also, our community of participants who shared their voice, stories, experiences, and perspectives with us!

If you weren’t able to attend, I hope you’ll consider signing up and joining us next time.

(I don’t have a date set for our next Community Roundtable, but it may not be until this coming autumn.)

Why Claim Your Calling℠ Works… in 3 New Client Videos!

In addition to checking out the newly revised Claim Your Calling℠ coaching page here, which I recently updated and simplified to help you understand the deep value of this personalized coaching experience that I’m inviting you to join me on, I have some brand new client testimonial videos that describe the CYC experience in super clear and honest terms.

Give these a look — they’re all under 4 minutes each! — to deepen your understanding of what I’m creating, why, and how it’s already helping my big-hearted coaching clients over just the last few months of working together.

Here’s how self-employed entrepreneur Patsy learned how to stop spinning her wheels and start moving forward thanks to our small-group approach:

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Here’s how full-time professional and side-hustling podcaster-coach-creative Tracy realized the importance of practicing to trust others with her art:

[youtube_advanced url=”” controls=”alt” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes”]

Here’s how full-time professional Aidyn finds peace, presence, and energy from small-group coaching calls… even after full days of nonstop Zoom meetings:

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There Are Just 11 Days Left to Sign Up for Coaching, for Now

If you’re interested in joining me on a coaching journey, there’s never been a better time to sign up.

I’m currently reviewing new client applications now, through April 30th, to begin coaching with me alongside our community in Claim Your Calling℠, this coming May.

If now feels like it could be a good time to begin your own coaching journey in pursuit of fully, deeply, and finally claiming your calling, please apply now!

You have just 11 days, until April 30th, to sign up for a 6- or 12-month coaching journey, to start this May.

The deadline isn’t just a marketing ploy, either: because I’m building a community and understand what it takes to develop a healthy group culture,

I know that we can’t have new folks coming and leaving every month. Consistency and familiarity are essential ingredients to building a true community. Authenticity and transparency are qualities we can select to share with others at any time, but real trust isn’t immediate; it is earned over time.

Our small family in Claim Your Calling℠ would love to welcome you into their ranks, but you’ll have to apply now to get in the door before it shuts after April 30th.

And, after you apply, the next step we’ll have is to simply schedule a no-pressure, 40-minute exploratory conversation together.

You won’t be hard-sold; we’ll equally assess whether what I’m offering today in coaching feels like a great fit for your goals and needs right now.

If it isn’t? There’s no love lost, pressure to change your mind, or feelings of disappointment from me.

I care just as much about your journey, no matter whether we work together today, someday, or never!

What Do You Receive as a Coaching Client?

In every month of your 6- or 12-month coaching journey with me, you receive:

— Monthly 1:1 Coaching Session with me, Dave Ursillo (1 Hour, Audio Only, Recorded). Enter into remarkably clarifying, deeply witnessing, fully honoring conversational space with your personal coach, me, to refine your most important creative, business, and personal goals, and get into the work of making them real. $350 Value

— Monthly Group ‘Roundtable’ featuring ‘Spotlight Coaching’(90 Minutes, Video, Recorded). Reflect, connect, and share! Short social time precipitates light goal-setting, accountability check-ins, and the highlight of “Spotlight” coaching mini-sessions to problem-solve nuanced stumbling blocks and answer the toughest questions that arise on your path. $300 Value

— Monthly Group ‘Leadership Lab’(90 Minutes, Video, Recorded). Actively practice developing your thoughts, ideas, and projects into cohesion — alongside a vetted community of peers who are on their own unique creative, entrepreneurial, and change-making missions! This workshopping and sharing space trains you in the skills of personal leadership and further helps you develop your projects, stories, and approach. $300 Value

— Semi-Annual ‘Members Showcase’(90 Minutes, Video, Recorded). Celebrate your finished works and honor fellow members by witnessing the fruits of their labors with short performances and moments of sharing during this fun social experience. $300 Value

— Private Members Portal. A unique, non-Facebook, non-Slack, non-social media portal to re-live group coaching calls, connect with fellow members, respond to weekly writing prompts, share your works-in-progress, and much more. $200 Value

— Weekly Writing & Reflection Prompts inside your Members Portal for continual self-reflection opportunities as you deepen into your self-knowledge, self-awareness, and personal growth as an emergent leader. Reply in-group or take your prompt offline for quiet reflection in your personal journal. $100 Value

— Weekly Voxer ‘Office Hours’ with Your Coach. Use the walkie-talkie app Voxer to check in with your coach, Dave Ursillo, every Friday, in unlimited voice-note exchanges. Ask questions, share concerns, and detail your progress on your goals and personal growth, in anticipation of your upcoming coaching sessions. $500 Value

— Deep Seenness, Gentle Accountability, and Powerful Guidance from a 12-year veteran of the creative entrepreneurial space (that’s me). Navigate the strategic obstacles of what works, what doesn’t, and how trends online are evolving, in real-time.

— Creative Advice and Support from an 11-Time Author. Not only learn what potential paths and options are available to you; figure out what creative experience or entrepreneurial journey you desire.

— Community, Connections, and Camaraderie. Ditch the loner act! Join a small family of global peers who fundamentally get you — because you share core values, guiding beliefs, and purpose-driven ideals.

Apply Now — Let’s Get Talking!

If all these tools, supports, and experiences sound like a great fit for where you are sensing your path, trajectory, or creative goals to take you moving forward, please click here to learn more, here to see our current pricing options, or here to apply now.

Until next time, please keep on claiming your calling — one day, moment, and heart-centered decision at a time.