On April 3, 2011, I had the pleasure and honor of speaking to a group of nearly 200 student leaders at my alma matter, the College of the Holy Cross.

The crowd constituted the incoming and outgoing leaders of every on-campus student organization, ranging from intramural sports clubs and arts/dancing groups to student government and the student newspaper–of which I was once co-editor in chief.

Speaking this past Sunday morning was my first public speaking appearance in years!

It was also the very first opportunity I had to stand before a crowd (of current and future leaders, to boot!) and spread messages of what I’ve learned over the course of my short life on being a quiet leader and how to lead without followers–in any walk of life.

Juuuust a couple of chairs.

I catered the message to be specific to what the students were doing on campus and in their everyday lives–imploring them to not be dismissive of the current opportunities they have and the positions of genuine leadership they are in.

What we do individually, within ourselves, can profoundly change the world.

And being a leader, even without followers, can have a radically positive impact on those around us and everyone we interact with on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoy this video, a short snippet into my alternative leadership messages and my very first public speaking appearance!

Big thanks to the College of the Holy Cross, Jacqueline Peterson, Becky Riopel, Kristine Goodwin, and Sara Swillo for their inviting me to speak and for their help on Sunday!

** Hey you! Are you goin to the World Domination Summit with Chris Guillebeau in June? Today I became a finalist to possibly speak at the conference! I’d deeply appreciate your support and would love to speak to YOU on how to lead without followers !! Thanks :)